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Welcome to our online store! We are engaged in retail and wholesale sales of decorative and finishing materials. This year marks 13 years since we made our first sale online, and before that we had invaluable four years of experience working offline: so there is absolutely no reason to doubt our competence and professionalism. If at the beginning of online sales we only had delivery of orders among additional services, now, after making a preliminary agreement with the managers, you can order the measurement and installation of what you purchased. We have special conditions and discounts for foremen, designers and architects, which they take advantage of :-) We work directly with manufacturing plants - which means the prices are the lowest, which you can verify at any time. Thanks to delivery services (such as Nova Poshta and Autolux), residents of Ukraine have the opportunity to order what they need without overpaying colossal sums in their local stores.
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One of our main areas of expertise is moldings. At all times, moldings have been considered an aristocratic and sophisticated element of interior and facade decoration. Since its inception (around the end of the 17th century) to the present day, architects have chosen it as the final stage of artistic decoration. It so happened that the debut of moldings coincided with the Baroque period. Molding elements perfectly emphasize the ambitious, contrasting and intense features of this style. The bright Baroque was replaced by the strict and conservative classicism, where moldings were used to emphasize the correct straight lines.

Over time, not only the material of the moldings has been improved, but also the production technology. Today's architectural fashion is essentially the quintessence of all styles and allows the use of ensemble elements of various directions. Modern moldings are also relatively inexpensive to produce and very practical: they are easy to install, do not change color over time and do not crumble. Another big plus of moldings: they can be painted with absolutely any paints, except for nitro paints.

In general, it is not an easy task to choose the right moldings. It is difficult to deny that with the current abundance of manufacturers, it is easy to get lost. If we know which brands, for example, electronics, food or clothing are good and which are not very good, then in the case of moldings, without preliminary research of the Internet, it is quite difficult to establish the truth, because many sellers sometimes like to impose their point of view regarding sympathy for a particular manufacturer. And yet the ideal option in terms of price / quality ratio is Gaudi Decor. The budget sector is represented by Harmony and Decomaster. If you choose more expensive, you should pay attention to the Belgian brand Orac Decor. The price differences between them are justified by the status of a separate brand and the spaciousness of its assortment. In addition, you can purchase installation glue of the same brand as the moldings, but at a reduced price. In any case, you will be satisfied with the purchase, and the purchased will delight the eye for a long time and cause only positive emotions.

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