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Many years of experience show that selecting decorative materials is far from an easy task. Those who have a little creative or design skills can come up with the design of the future interior of the room themselves. But as practice shows, most turn to design studios or architects. We have discounts for just such people. Each discount is negotiated individually depending on the order. We sell both wholesale and retail so prices will be the best for everyone.

Molded decor made of polyurethane

From 5 to 30% of retail market prices

The discount can be one-time, cumulative or permanent. Guaranteed discount on all stucco molding when ordering over 5000 UAH. Special prices apply to such manufacturers as Orac Decor (Belgium), Europlast (Russia), Decomaster (China), Gaudi Decor (Malaysia), VIP Decor (China), Harmony (China). All decor catalogs can be downloaded by clicking on the link stucco catalogues! Stucco cannot be cheaper than here anywhere. If you find it cheaper, let us know and we will give you an even lower price.

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Curtain rods

Discount from 5% to 15% guaranteed When ordering from 5000 UAH

In our showroom we always have high-quality metal curtain rods in various models, colors and sizes. You can immediately select the option of tips, brackets and rings you need. In stock cornices with a diameter of 16 to 28 mm. It is also possible to purchase special plastic, aluminum and bay window cornices. We have the best prices for all curtain rods from our warehouse. Take only quality products at a good price.

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Automatic discounts

For the entire range

We do not make large markups; we already have a minimum price for all goods. You can compare with our competitors, and make sure that no one has a cheaper or better offer. We work directly with manufacturing plants, therefore we offer an affordable price for the goods that are presented in our online store. We have our own warehouse, which is important for the speed of order fulfillment. Unlike other intermediaries, we can choose live, consult, and receive additional discounts.

Our discounts are cumulative. All conditions are negotiated individually upon complete order. You will certainly be satisfied!

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