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The first impression of a person is created based on his appearance. The same applies to building facades. It is more aesthetically comfortable for us to be in a building that has a nice and neat exterior (well, the interior, of course). Taking a quick glance at the appearance of any house, we can easily imagine how the owner takes care of it. The decoration of the facade is usually done based on the architectural purpose of the structure. In the old days, the era of that time (cultural or historical) also served as an additional factor. For example, you can compare the expressive, somewhat intense and bright features of the Baroque with the subsequent era of classicism, which was characterized by rigor, conciseness and precision of lines and forms. Modern architectural design allows for a combination of even contradictory styles, but only if the taste and harmony of the entire composition are respected. Experiments are always good, but since the finishing is done for a very long time, you can’t make a mistake in any case; it’s best to think through the future appearance in advance. I believe that the times of faceless, monotonous private houses are slowly fading into oblivion: already now, against the backdrop of the emergence of new manufacturers made of polyurethane and, as a consequence, a decrease in prices for products, quite a good demand for these products is emerging. And thanks to the World Wide Web, if it’s really difficult to decide what you need, examples of finished work will come to the rescue. The main valuable feature of stucco molding for the facade is that from the outside of almost any private house you can make, dare I say it, even a whole palace: an ordinary entrance door, but framed by a beautiful arch, clearly has visual advantages even if it is ordinary; chic fountains and statues will add a certain touch of aristocracy to any courtyard; and a balcony with an unsurpassed balustrade will be the best romantic place... If you yourself select stucco decoration without turning to the services of professionals, you will bring a piece of your soul into the finished architectural ensemble and your individuality will be reflected in it. Of course, this category will be primarily valuable for cottage owners. But if you only need to externally insulate your apartment, pay attention to the Penoboard styrene foam section. Thanks to this revolutionary material, even in severe frosts, warmth and comfort will always reign in the house. I would like to remind you once again We will be glad to see you as our colleague!
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