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PVC soffits

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    In the process of installing a roof, one of the important stages is filing the overhangs. It is performed using special panels - spotlights. In Ukraine, such elements appeared relatively recently and quickly gained popularity, displacing lining and similar finishing materials. What are roof soffits? Visually, these panels are similar to siding. Only they are not intended for finishing the facade, but for lining the roof overhangs from below. Such elements perform several important functions. We will consider them in this article. Why are roof soffits needed? These panels are chosen for lining roof overhangs to solve the following problems: Provide ventilation of the space under the roof. Close the gaps between the roof and walls, preventing birds and other animals and insects from settling in. Give the faade and roof a finished look. It is known that warm air rises. Therefore, from the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms it rushes to the attic or attic. To prevent moisture from accumulating in the insulation and beams of the building system, and, accordingly, leading to their rotting, it is necessary to ensure the outflow of air into the environment. Small gaps between the roofing sheets and the ridge serve this purpose. However, for effective air outflow it is necessary to establish its circulation. This is exactly what soffits are used for. Such panels are perforated. They are hemmed under the roof overhangs, and due to the presence of holes under the roofing sheets, an air intake channel is created. As a result, a draft is formed in the direction from the bottom of the slopes to the ridge. Due to efficient circulation, warm air rising under the roof is quickly released into the environment. Ventilation of the under-roof space is the main, but not the only function of soffits. They are also an effective protection against unwanted neighbors moving in. Birds love to build nests under roofs without filing. And this is quite understandable: the nest is located in a place where predators cannot reach, reliable protection from precipitation and gusts of wind... Living surrounded by nature is wonderful. However, birds are quite noisy neighbors. In addition, their excrement creates pollution on the faade and around the building. Therefore, settling around the perimeter of the house causes a lot of trouble. Lining the roof overhangs effectively solves the problem: birds simply do not have access to the space between the walls and rafters. Don't forget about the exterior aspect. If the cornices are not hemmed, the upper section of the facade looks unfinished. From a great distance this flaw is almost invisible. However, as soon as you get closer to the building, the impression of its appearance immediately worsens. Installation of panels under the roof ensures the creation of a harmonious exterior. What is needed for lining a roof with soffits By soffits we usually mean the finishing panels themselves. They can be fully or partially perforated, as well as full (without holes). Products with perforation are installed in places where it is necessary to create ventilation for eaves. And elements without holes are installed where air circulation is not required (for example, on gables). When installing the lining, the panels are joined together using locking joints. And to attach them to walls and beams, auxiliary elements are used: J-profiles - strips that fasten to walls. H-profiles are joining strips at the corners of eaves. External corners are strips installed along the outer edges of the panels (under the gutters of the drainage system). Self-tapping screws are most often used to fasten profiles. And the edges of the panels are inserted into special grooves (profiles). Now you know what soffits for the roof and facade are. All that remains is to decide on the material of manufacture, the degree of perforation, the color of the panels - and you can select the optimal option for roofing, ensuring effective air circulation and giving the exterior a finished look.
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