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Drainage systems made of PVC and metal

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    The drainage system is installed after the faade and roofing work is completed. The service life of the entire system depends on its skillful installation. There are already designs on the market that can be easily assembled according to instructions. But you still need to take into account the nuances that beginners are not always aware of. Without a full understanding of which, water will overflow through the drain and destroy the faade of the house and the foundation area. What does the drainage system consist of? If you look at a home with a gutter system installed, you won't see many components included at first glance. Gutter trays, fastening brackets and pipes - this is how the structure of the drain is briefly described. The system also includes: - brackets for gutter trays are fixed below the cornice or sheathing, look like hooks, and support the gutters; - a gutter, which is also a water receiver: from it liquid flows through pipes and is removed from the system. There are round, square, embossed (curved gutters are used for special types of buildings); - so that the system can go around the building completely, at the corners of the house the corners of the gutter are attached to the system; - the plug helps close the gutter where the roof slope ends; - gutter coupling - attached to the end of one gutter and the beginning of the next, forming a continuous line of drainage; - a funnel connects the gutters to the drain pipes, receiving water from the gutters; - drain pipe - a vertically standing element through which water flows down; - pipe outlet - a part of the pipe bent at an angle, which helps to bypass the architectural protrusions of the building; - pipe coupling for connecting elements. - the pipe bracket is fixed to the wall of the house to hold the drain pipe. Let's figure out step by step how to fix the gutters. What to fasten with? You will need gutter brackets and pipe brackets. The gutter brackets secure the gutters, and the pipe brackets secure the drain pipes. The size of the products must be selected based on the size of the pipes. The distance between fasteners should be no more than 500-600 mm. If you do not maintain the step length, over time the system will begin to deform under the influence of snow and water. What to attach to? Gutter brackets can be hung on the front, wind board, eaves overhang and rafter legs. Used as a basis for fastening when there is no frontal board. Sometimes fasteners have to be installed on the sheathing - here you will need bracket extensions, straight for installation on the sheathing, and twisted for installation to the rafter legs. Structural features When installing gutters, it must be taken into account that, depending on the material of manufacture, the gutter tends to expand and contract. When installing the entire system, you need to connect the gutters to each other, taking into account atmospheric conditions. These are the only moving elements of the entire system. The trays snap together. Using a plastic drain as an example, we will figure out what and how to do to secure the drain. Markings are made using a cord: the slope towards the drain is determined (20-30 mm for every 10 linear meters). Brackets are mounted at the highest point. Funnels are installed at drainage points; the distance between two funnels must be at least 20 m. Keep the distance between the brackets: no more than 55 cm. The distance from the corners of the gutter, funnels and couplings should not be more than 100 mm. The gutter is mounted from the funnel. Installation into the bracket and fastening with connecting elements is carried out starting from the rear wall. A coupling connects the gutters to each other. Then the coupling is fixed to the wind board. The couplings and corners of the gutters are attached according to the marks. Plugs are installed at the ends of the system. The distance to the adjacent wall must be at least 30 mm. The pipes are fixed from the funnel. Use adhesive or sealant to securely attach to the fasteners. A bracket is attached to the wall under the outlet. When installing the pipe, leave a gap of 1 cm in case the pipe expands. The distance between the brackets for drain pipes should not be more than 1.5 m. The pipes are connected using couplings that have an arrow (always pointing down). The bracket is installed under the coupling. The lower outlet is fixed to the pipe with PVC glue. There is a distance of 20 mm between the bracket for fixing the pipe and the outlet, and at least 20 cm between the outlet and the ground. This is the general principle of installation. Do not deviate from the recommendations on how to connect gutters so that the result is truly high-quality.
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