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  • Household chemicals from Turkey Kalyon, Okpak. Novelties 2024
    06 March
    Welcome spring with cleanliness and freshness together with Decorshop.ua! We are glad to present you new products - household chemicals from Turkey from the Kalyon and Okpak brands.
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  • Roller blinds SERPANOK SCREEN. Stylish and practical solutions for your windows
    27 February
    SERPANOK SCREEN roller blinds are not just a window decoration, they are an investment in the comfort and coziness of your home. Made from high-quality German or Spanish-made mesh fabric, they have a number of unique properties that make them an ideal choice for any room.
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  • Self-adhesive vinyl flooring in a roll Sticker Wall: new items on decorshop.ua
    20 February
    The Decorshop store is pleased to announce the update of the range of Sticker Wall self-adhesive vinyl flooring! Now we have even more designs and colors to help you create a unique interior in your home.
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  • Choosing a gift for Valentine's Day
    06 February
    Valentine's Day is a holiday filled with romance, love and tender feelings. Looking for the perfect gift to express your feelings to your significant other? Decorshop.ua is your faithful assistant in this difficult task! In our store you will find a wide selection of original and thoughtful gifts for every taste and budget.
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  • Trending colors of liquid wallpaper 2024
    30 January
    Liquid wallpaper is a fashionable and practical type of wall decoration that allows you to create a stylish and cozy interior. When choosing the color of liquid wallpaper, it is important to take into account the interior style, size and lighting of the room. For example, for a small room it is better to choose light shades that visually expand the space. For a spacious room, you can use a darker or brighter color.
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  • Discounts on household chemicals from -10 to 25%
    24 January
    Discounts on household chemicals in the Decorshop.ua store are an excellent opportunity to update your stock of cleaning and home care products. The promotion applies to the entire range of household chemicals presented in the store.
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  • Promotion on WDS and Estera window sills
    18 January
    -10% discount on WDS and Estera window sills in the Decorshop.ua store WDS and Estera window sills are made from high-quality materials and have a long service life. They are resistant to moisture, temperature changes and mechanical damage.
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  • Sandwich panels are so good
    02 December 2022
    As for their use, sandwich panels can be used both as a finishing and building material. What made it possible to use modern technologies in their production. As well as engineering solutions. And if in the first case these panels are attached to ready-made walls, then in the second they are mounted on a special metal frame, representing the walls themselves. Therefore, using sandwich panels you can build or improve: · Supermarkets and shopping centers. · Service stations, gas stations and car washes. · Cinema and concert complexes, museums, cinemas. · Exhibition centers. · Residential and office buildings · Hangars and warehouses for storage. · Schools and kindergartens.
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  • Why WDS window sill?
    25 October 2022
    Why is it worth buying a WDS window sill at Decorshop.ua? During the operation of our online store, we were able to understand the main needs and priorities of our customers, most of whom are regular, and new ones come to us through recommendations. Thanks to this, we are ready to offer each of you the following advantages of cooperation with us: • All window sills offered by us are of high quality and have a long service life. Because they are made from European-made materials. • By contacting us, you pay for quality. After all, all the products we offer, including the WDS window sill, are produced in Ukraine. In accordance with all high quality standards. • From us you can order window sills not only of different colors, but also of different widths. Therefore, it will become not just a “highlight” that ideally complements the interior of the room and makes it perfect, but also performs a practical function. All these are good reasons to buy a WDS window sill from our company. Moreover, if you have difficulty choosing, our professional managers and sales consultants will come to your aid. We do everything to ensure that each of your purchases is not only successful, but also exceeds all your expectations!
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  • We produce Japanese photo curtains with any pattern on any fabric
    04 August 2022
    Are you looking for a window covering that combines modern design with effective protection? You've come to the right place. A panel photo curtain is a decorative element that dates back to the times of fashionable minimalism and simplicity. It consists of large movable pieces of fabric that are a universal design solution for your interior. Such a curtain will not only protect from the sun, but can also transform the appearance of the room. From the most basic and almost sheer to bolder, brighter colours, we offer an extremely wide range of panel curtain designs. They are ideal for creating multi-layered window decorations, and most importantly, you can choose a pattern that fits perfectly into the interior.
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  • It's time to buy facade decor, now is the best price
    10 May 2022
    Building facades often change under the influence of fashion, architectural trends, or simply the tastes of the owners. A correctly presented facade influences the appearance of the building and indicates the preferences of the residents of the house. Facade ornaments allow you to create a look in accordance with expectations and requirements. We offer a wide variety of elements for the walls of your home. Facade stucco molding includes a variety of cornices, moldings, balustrades, wall decor, brackets, projections, window sill profiles, friezes. We can also produce any facade product according to your drawing, which is not unimportant for the exterior design.
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  • A ready-made window curtain rod is more profitable than ordering it
    02 April 2022
    Windows are an integral part of your home and provide a unique opportunity to enhance the appearance of every room simply by adding attractive curtains or drapes. To do it right, you'll need a window curtain rod that complements your drapery. Curtain rods are a classic solution used in many homes. They are usually more noticeable than other solutions. That's why it's important to think of curtain rods as part of the decor, and not just as a support mechanism for your favorite curtains. A carefully chosen profile can highlight new curtains or give a fresh look to existing products. The assortment of the online store offers a large number of different options for curtain rods.
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  • Liquid wallpaper - interesting facts from manufacturers
    12 March 2021
    Ukrainian-made liquid wallpaper is always available: Jurassic, Style, Max Color and Ecobarvy. Manufacturers offer a huge number of textures and a wide range of colors. Everyone will be able to choose the optimal solution for any interior style. With high quality, the cost of liquid wallpaper remains affordable.
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  • Soon it’s time to buy a mosquito net for a plastic window
    24 February 2021
    The assortment of our online store includes window and door mosquito nets in white, brown, golden oak, and anthracite. The color scheme is specially designed based on the most popular colors of window profiles, so the mesh frame is practically invisible from the outside. This option allows you to make the window ideal, and the room a little fresher, and most importantly without mosquitoes. The ordering process is very simple, there are two options to order your mosquito for a window or for a door. The most common one is to independently measure the light opening from rubber band to rubber band with an open window or door block; we have a more detailed video on how to do this in the “mosquito nets” section. The main thing is to measure with an accuracy of up to a millimeter, you can even have an error of up to 2 mm. You can calculate it yourself using the calculator on the website, or you give us the dimensions, choose the color of the frame, we calculate it, make an advance payment, and after 2-3 days you can pick up your order. The second option is also simple) We have a measurement, delivery, and installation service. Here you submit a request for a measurement, we accept it and announce the date and cost of the call. Our specialists arrive on time and measure the size of the mosquito nets. We agree with you on the exact cost, time and date of installation, make an advance payment, we start the order, and in 3-4 days we come and install. All details can always be agreed upon over the phone.
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  • Store opening hours during the New Year holidays 20-21
    21 December 2020
    Dear visitors and clients of our online store! We would like to congratulate everyone on the upcoming holidays, and inform you of a special work schedule from 12/25 to 01/11/2021.
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  • Self-adhesive 3D panels for walls, new for 2021
    13 November 2020
    In our store you can choose Sticker Wall panels to suit every taste. The widest range of colors, textures like brick, wood, and even marble will give your home a new stylish look. As already stated above, you don’t need to be a master to stick it on almost any smooth surface yourself. Panel dimensions are 700*770 mm, thickness from 5 to 7 mm. These panels are made from foamed polypropylene - an absolutely harmless material that does not emit harmful substances, odors and vapors. It is harmless and non-traumatic, which means it can be used even in children's rooms.
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  • New colors of Alber window sill
    17 July 2020
    During the hottest season of the year, we provide the hottest new color range of the Alber window sill. More than 15 new colors have been added, new in the literal sense of the word; this is not available in more than one window sill manufacturer. The Alber wooden window sill is manufactured using modern European equipment, which indicates its high quality. Durable and environmentally friendly Elezgo coating guarantees that this window sill will become a natural decoration of your home! A one-piece waterproof slab provides the window sill with incredible reliability; the combined structure of the base protects against deformation. You can be sure of its strength and long service life!
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  • Decostar panels, modern and rustic collection
    03 May 2020
    Decostar beams look great in different interior styles. For example, in fashionable restaurants in the Art Nouveau style, in studio apartments in the high-tech or loft direction, or country houses, the interior of which is made in country, ethno-il and Provence styles. Decostar brand decor is in any case the right choice on the way to the perfection of your interior design!
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  • Dispelling myths: do liquid wallpapers show through on drywall?
    14 April 2020
    In our online store you will find liquid wallpaper for every taste. They are always available. And our managers will provide high-quality advice on choosing a brand that is right for you. Our store always has additional discounts and promotions, for example, when ordering from five packs of liquid wallpaper, delivery throughout Ukraine and Kyiv is at our expense! Choose with pleasure and save on repairs with our offers.
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  • What are the advantages of premium Danke window sill
    02 March 2020
  • Quick wall decor with 3D self-adhesive panels
    11 December 2019
    Want to quickly decorate your wall? Then you need to pay attention to self-adhesive 3D panels, for which we currently have an additional discount from the retail price. An environmentally friendly product, which can be used even in a nursery, makes it possible to decorate a wall in the shortest possible time. We deliver to any point in Ukraine.
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  • 25% off on Black Friday
    23 November 2019
    Promotion for interior and facade decor from top brands Gaudi decor, Harmony, Decowood, Prestige decor, Tessori from 11/23 to 12/01/2019 for any order 25%, as well as for all window sills that are presented in our store. Don't miss the chance to buy decor at a profit with the offers from our store.
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  • Reduced prices for polyurethane decor Perimetr
    18 October 2019
    Good news, from 10/21/19 prices for all models of the Chinese manufacturer Perimetr have been reduced by up to 30%. We also remind you that on our website we have standard discounts, but if the order is calculated for more than 5 thousand hryvnia, we are guaranteed to give an additional discount, as well as deliveries throughout Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.
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  • Table tops or table covers
    25 May 2019
    A new product has appeared in our store, namely table tops made of pressed wood made in Turkey, Germany, and Austria. All these countertops are of excellent quality, a wide range of colors, and different sizes. We hope you will enjoy purchasing quality materials in our Decor Shop store.
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  • Curtain rods with installation
    05 April 2019
    Our online store of curtain rods not only sells high-quality curtain rods, but also our experienced installers do installations throughout Kyiv and the region. The entire range of curtain rods that are on the website is always available in our warehouse in any quantity. And we remind you that we have additional discounts for any order, which means that buying curtain rods from us will always be profitable.
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  • Spring prices for the best Danke window sills
    01 March 2019
    Spring always pleases us with warmth, after winter with an improved mood... We, in turn, will also please everyone with the new price for Danke window sills, which of course has dropped, and it has dropped by 5%
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  • Silk Plaster Ukraine has significantly lowered prices for plaster
    08 February 2019
    Dear Partners, on the eve of spring, we hasten to inform you about a spring promotion for products of the SILK PLASTER brand. Retail prices for liquid wallpaper will be reduced from 10 to 18 percent only until 04/30/2019. The promotion starts on 09.02 and will last until the end of spring. Hurry up to select and purchase high-quality liquid wallpaper at a reduced price only in our online store. The entire range of products is always up to date on our pages, real stock, real descriptions and reviews. We always make sure that the goods on our windows are of high quality and accessible to everyone. Happy shopping;)
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  • Window sills Verzalit new price
    01 February 2019
    From February 1, 2019, as we said earlier, there was an increase in prices for original German Werzalit window sills throughout Ukraine. The increase affected all stores that sell this material; 15% of the previous prices were added to the price. That is, those orders that were calculated before January 31 and were not paid will be recalculated at new prices. But there is also a second side to the coin, since we are official dealers and work only with the manufacturer, we can give our customers additional discounts. And of course, we remember our partners, our colleagues, our designers and construction companies; for them, of course, there are special conditions depending on the volume. Thank you for reading this news, we wish you all a good mood).
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  • New prices for liquid wallpaper Bioplast
    16 January 2019
    Dear partners! Due to the rise in price of raw materials, we are forced to increase the price of 74 articles of the 800-hundredth series by 13% from 01/17/2019. All prices will be current on our website starting tomorrow. You still have time to order these Bioplast models at old prices until the end of today.
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  • Work schedule for the New Year period 2019
    18 December 2018
    Dear clients and visitors of our online store Decorshop.ua! May this year bring you many new victories, successful projects, and useful connections! Let all the negative aspects of the coming year pass you by, and let everything that is planned be realized one hundred percent!
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  • Super discounts up to 25% on EVERYTHING on Black Friday 11/23
    07 November 2018
    We prepared for a very long time and selected only the most relevant products for the best sale of the year! Black Friday is a great opportunity to purchase the desired product at a huge discount. Don't miss out, the number of promotional items will be limited! More than three thousand products will participate in the promotion, and this is not a small number. There will be a very interesting discount on all brands of stucco decor, on all types of window sills, curtain rods, decorative beams and more. Discounts for each group will be different, from 3 to 25%; more precisely, we will be able to announce the discount when placing an order. But rest assured, it definitely won’t be cheaper than on Black Friday). All cities participate in the promotion, we will send the ordered goods without problems, for example, such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk), Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Zhitomir, Cherkasy, Khmelnitsky, Sumy, Chernigov, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Mariupol, Poltava, Melitopol, Kropyvnytskyi, Kremenchug, Krivoy Rog, Lutsk and many others. Online shopping is much more convenient in many ways. Accordingly, Black Friday is much more popular online than offline.
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  • Even lower prices for Gaudi Decor -8%
    10 October 2018
    This collection perfectly embodies any architectural style, from classic to modern. The entire decor is easy to paint at any stage (from initial installation to subsequent touch-ups in a new renovation), due to the fact that it has an excellent primed surface. You can talk a lot about the line of models, but the main details, of course, are cornices, wall moldings, baseboards, and ceiling rosettes, which you can always choose on our website in the appropriate categories using a filter by size and price. And also be sure to order Gaudi through the website’s shopping cart at any time, or during business hours by calling the indicated telephone numbers. Let us remind you that Gaudi’s warehouse in Ukraine is located in Kyiv, which means that you can buy it immediately only in Kiev, and if you are not from Kiev, then you will have to wait 2-3 days for the order to arrive by carriers Nova Poshta, Delivery, Autolux. Happy shopping at good discounted prices)
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  • Modern window sills Werzalit by gentas
    04 September 2018
    We are, in a way, the official representatives of this manufacturer in Ukraine in the field of window sills, therefore we are also obliged to keep the brand and notify our customers about new products. At the moment, we are expanding our line of Werzalit wooden window sills, which first of all pleases us with new colors that designers have long demanded to implement their solutions in interiors. Secondly, the manufacturer of the new models specially developed a new prototype of the cut, which became more modern, compact in thickness, and not as bulky as previous versions. Of course, the new items are no longer supplied from Germany, they are delivered from Turkey, where they are produced. New products at the moment have a thinner profile thickness, a smaller front cap, and most importantly, the designation has already become four-digit. You can see all the decors and prices for the new window sill on the Werzalit by gentas product page.
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  • New 3D bamboo panels
    09 July 2018
    Using a 3-D panel in the interior will add an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. The main advantages of 3-D panels made of bamboo fiber: 100% environmentally friendly, modern design, easy installation, painting in the color of your interior, not afraid of moisture. The panels are three-dimensional slabs with designer three-dimensional patterns. The use of 3D panels allows you to create modern designer interiors. The panels are used both in residential premises and in various public spaces: clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc. The ease of installation of 3D bamboo panels allows you to quickly and easily make your interior fashionable and exclusive with your own hands.
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  • New prices for Homestar baguettes
    09 June 2018
    Since May 25, prices for Homestar baguettes have increased by 5%. The price increase was due to the rise in price of raw materials for manufacturing. But you can add 5% for Homestar quality, right?
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  • New! Decorative beams Decostar
    24 May 2018
    We are pleased to announce that our assortment now includes new items for decorative beams produced by the European Union EU (Germany, France, Poland), under the Decostar brand. First of all, these beams are no different in terms of ecology and quality compared to the German Homestar. But their main difference is the texture and color schemes. As for the texture, they are available in rustic and modern versions, which means that you can choose a more torn or smoother texture. But in terms of colors, this is much more interesting, since this is a unique solution that has not previously been on the Ukrainian market; the assortment includes patina colors, that is, the effect of antiquity. Shades can be light, dark, as well as brown or beige patina, which is an excellent analogue to white.
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  • New Bioplast Liquid Wallpaper 2018
    13 April 2018
    Dear visitors to our online store, we would like to announce news regarding the range of Bioplast liquid wallpaper. The new items are specially designed for connoisseurs of subtle shades, which are often difficult to match to the color palette of the interior. New decors are created on the basis of existing colors, but now the number of color shades in one key has been increased. In the expanded catalog, special attention was paid to the intensity of the shade, they also did not forget about the “blobs” that create additional volume, and the main aspect of the new products is the ability to add or remove sparkles depending on the customer’s requirements.
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  • The most ideal Izoplaat underlay
    14 March 2018
    When we start a renovation, the hope inside each of us burns with an eternal fire that the new design will last a long time and remain in its original form for years. To make your dreams come true, you need to think not only about the materials that will be visible to the naked eye, but also about the foundations. One of the most critical moments of renovation is laying the floor. In order for the laminate to last for decades, it is necessary to find a high-quality substrate for it. The underlay under the laminate is needed in order to increase thermal insulation and minimize noise when walking on the laminate. Therefore, the best option would be Izoplaat.
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  • New prices for Liquid wallpaper coming soon
    08 February 2018
    Dear friends, colleagues, partners, we would like to inform you of important news regarding the pricing policy for decorative plaster in the form of liquid wallpaper. From February 19, 2018 there will be another price increase for almost all types of liquid wallpaper that we offer in our range. The rise in price is associated with an increase in prices for the raw materials from which this material is produced. All manufacturers in Ukraine are raising prices by approximately 10-15%, and in this regard we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can still buy liquid wallpaper at the old prices within a week.
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  • There are more and more Moeller window sills in Kyiv and Ukraine
    02 February 2018
    It's no secret that the German company Moeller has a fifty-year history of making PVC window sills. Mller window sills are manufactured by extrusion, use the developments of MllerGmbH - the wood-plastic composition LIGNODUR ®, and have a high-quality coating with Elesgo-Plusontop ® multilayer laminate from DTS. Elesgo-Plusontop ® coating, developed on the basis of acrylate resins. Produced using surface hardening technology using electron beams. This gives Mller window sills a number of unique characteristics such as: stable geometry and shape of the product, high resistance to scratches, damage, interaction with strong mechanical loads, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, reliability in the service life of the coating, and the window sill is an environmentally friendly product and fire-safe.
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  • Bay window mini curtain rods
    14 January 2018
    When the developer’s imagination goes wild and it so happens that you end up with bay windows, it may seem that choosing the right cornice will be difficult. This could have been the case if humanity had not come up with such a wonderful thing as mini-bay window cornices! If it weren’t for them, then a separate cornice would have to be created for each unusually shaped window. Bay window cornices simplify this task. A bay window visually increases the area of the room and makes it more illuminated, and of course you want to pull back the curtains completely, and not in parts. Our store will help with this, thanks to this article, and the availability of goods accordingly)
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  • Store opening hours from 12/25/17 to 01/9/18
    21 December 2017
    Dear friends, visitors, partners, we congratulate you on the upcoming New Year holidays, we wish you warm, cheerful, and pleasant holidays. We would like to notify you in advance about the operating schedule of our online store "Decorshop" during the holiday period, and we ask you, if necessary, to submit orders for goods for uninterrupted delivery and operation during this period.
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  • Photocurtains with a New Year theme
    02 December 2017
    And now it’s the first days of winter, everyone is looking forward to the New Year holidays. And every housewife or owner thinks about how to decorate their home in a special way. Since childhood, we all decorated the Christmas tree, hung rain and garlands around the house, but then, in principle, there was nothing else. Then how to decorate the windows before the New Year holidays? We have an excellent modern offer for you).
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  • Black Friday discounts up to 50%
    23 November 2017
    Dear customers, in honor of Black Friday, we are offering guaranteed additional discounts on any order from 5 to 50%. Please check with the manager for discounts for individual groups when placing an order from November 23 to November 25, 2017. But we promise that there will be a discount on any purchase, don’t miss the chance for a super promotion.
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  • Economy option liquid wallpaper Ecobarvy
    06 November 2017
    Another update in our range of liquid wallpaper, namely the economy segment - Ecobarvy. These wallpapers are produced in Kyiv, using exclusively natural materials, like all other manufacturers. Ecobarvy does not have chemical additives, which means that they can be used even in children's rooms. The material includes only natural ingredients such as algae, tree bark, cotton, wool, that is, you can use and apply them even with your bare hands, and not worry about allergies or similar phenomena. Like all other liquid ones, they can be repaired without problems in case of damage, are applied without seams, provide noise and heat insulation, and are not afraid of heat or cold. The choice of textures includes more than 250 types, all of them can be seen on our website, or in person in the showroom
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  • Modern news in the section Gypsum 3D panels
    18 October 2017
    Do you know that gypsum 3D panels have become all the rage in modern interior designs not only of private properties, but also in the design of shops and lobbies? So, we remind you that more and more designers are offering the use of 3D panels in their projects. Such innovative technologies began to be used in design not so long ago, but today it has become a symbol of fashion. You can be convinced of this by paying attention to the design of columns, walls, and seating areas in shopping centers; everywhere they use 3D plaster panels. Panels in the form of waves are a popular feature; they are often used on columns, giving extravagance to the decor and a calm perception of the interior. But besides the popular Waves, there are also many other models that are used in different styles, ranging from classic to modern modern. All models that are presented on our decor website are in stock, which will not cause problems with prompt shipment and quick installation.
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  • Cornices, moldings and other decor Decomaster
    26 September 2017
    Dear friends, colleagues, clients, we would like to announce important news about a product under the famous Decomaster brand! The company is a recognized high-quality manufacturer of polyurethane stucco decoration, the product range of which includes cornices, moldings, panels, overhead columns, pilasters, ceiling rosettes, ornaments, panels, and much more, including polyurethane adhesives for installation. We took great care that it would be convenient for you to buy Dekomaster stucco molding in our online store; we made special selectors for a clear selection according to all parameters. But it so happened that the manufacturer, for internal reasons, stopped supplying goods to our country for one month, so we will be able to ship orders that contain Decomaster stucco molding only a month from the date of publication of this news. We apologize for the inconvenience, and also ask you to step into the situation of the manufacturer.
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  • Happy Independence Day!
    18 August 2017
    We are open on August 21-23; August 24th open 9-15 On August 25-26 we work 9-15.
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  • New prices and additional discount for Werzalit window sill
    04 July 2017
    Do you like to invest wisely in renovations? Do you like to save money? Don't want to overpay intermediaries? Do you want a quality window sill at a fair price? Then you will definitely do all this by contacting us for this product. We make very small markups on all products, just very small! We are official partners of the manufacturer, which is why we will offer the lowest price for Verzalit window sills in Ukraine. The difference between any store, supermarket, market, window companies, and other intermediaries, we will give a lower price from 10 to 30%. In addition to all this, we measure, deliver, and install all window sills that are presented in our assortment. For any questions, do not hesitate, contact our managers, and we will calculate everything, deliver it, and install it.. Good mood, and good investment in repairs).
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  • Promotion on decorative false beams Decowood
    13 June 2017
    Our store is ready to offer any options for decorative beams that exist on the Ukrainian market. We often work with design studios, architects, superintendents, and thanks to this we always take into account the requests of all these people when forming an assortment, and thanks to this we are proud to declare that we can offer any beam. Well, we will definitely make the best price in Ukraine for any order.
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  • Flex cornices are an excellent solution for window decoration
    09 May 2017
    We present to you a new product on the market of curtain rods in Ukraine, flexible Flex cornices. These cornices appeared not long ago, but recently they have increasingly begun to win the attention of designers and architects with their quality. Cornices are used for curtains, curtains, on semicircular, bay and arched windows. You can now decorate windows not only with a standard aluminum profile, which is already outdated in visual and technical form, but with a more modern flexible flex cornice made of heavy-duty plastic. As you know, cornices are often used to probe rooms, especially if these are studio apartments or a large bathroom. Often, with the help of flexible curtain rods, a cozy canopy in the shape of a semicircle with translucent fabric and a veil is also made above the bed. The small size of these curtain rods increases the space, since you can hang curtains and tulles on them right up to the ceiling, and there won’t even be a gap from the ceiling; this is very important when the room has low ceilings.
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  • Budget new Danke window sill
    18 April 2017
    Everyone is already familiar with the premium manufacturer of window sills "Danke", which have always been distinguished by their quality and high cost. But due to the times of crisis in the window sill market, manufacturers decided to introduce a new product for the economy option called “Comfort”. As planned by the manufacturers, the new product will be in good demand, since it has a 2-tier pricing policy (from expensive to cheap existing manufacturers). Compared to other series of "DANKE" window sills, the new product has lightweight stiffening ribs, which by the way do not affect fragility, plus a PVC coating, which differs in that it has less protection from scratches. Also, the main difference from other Danke series is that the Comfort series has fewer color options, and the fact that two colors have a loose surface, namely walnut and oak. There is also an amendment to the warranty for window sills, for this series there is an economy version; the warranty for window sills in this series does not apply, as for the other series of Danke window sills. Therefore, think carefully about whether you need a guarantee and quality, or just a low price for a window sill.
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  • Happy Easter
    14 April 2017
    Congratulations on the joyful and bright spring holiday of renewal, Easter! On this holy day, may your heart be open to God, may harmony and warmth come to your soul. We wish that your home is filled with comfort, ringing laughter, that only good news comes to your family today, be healthy and prosperous.
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  • 125 shades of gray or Selecting liquid wallpaper by color
    20 March 2017
    Liquid wallpaper is a very practical and versatile decorative material. Unlike ordinary roll wallpaper, they have a number of undeniable advantages.
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  • Store opening on March 8
    06 March 2017
    Dear clients, we sincerely congratulate you on the spring holiday, namely on International Women’s Day on March 8th. We wish you, most importantly, health, good mood, and inspiration. We would like to note that we make every effort to ensure that your orders are delivered on time for the holiday, which may include gifts in the form of, for example, photo curtains, carpets and other options. Please pay attention to our work schedule; on March 8 we will work in short hours from 9 to 15-00. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that in order for the order to be delivered on this good day, place your order in advance).
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  • Orac decor indirect lighting moldings in Modern style
    03 March 2017
    The popularity of indirect lighting profiles is only growing every day. Its numerous advantages are its ideal design solution. Suitable for any interior style. Today we would like to introduce you to the C373 profile. Made from higher density Purotouch, which makes it possible to use them as ceiling cornices, or as moldings and as wall skirting boards. Everything is in Orac Decor style - strict and elegant.
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  • Isoplaat insulation boards at a new price
    18 February 2017
    Everyone probably already knows or has heard about the miracle underlay for laminate and parquet from the Isoplaat brand, which is the most environmentally friendly underlay on the market. Insulating boards are produced without any admixtures of adhesives or other chemical compounds; they are made exclusively from natural materials. The main advantage of Izoplat is that this material is ideal for noise and heat insulation of floors, walls and ceilings, due to its “breathability”.
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  • Raising prices for stucco molding Europlast
    10 February 2017
    Important news from another stucco manufacturer - Europlast. From 02/13/17 there will be a 5% increase in prices for the entire line of decors. According to the manufacturer, this is due to an increase in prices for raw materials imported from Europe, and accordingly, following all European manufacturers, they are also increasing... We, in turn, would like to warn you that the old prices are valid until 12.02. 2017, subject to payment of the order in full. From 13.02 all unpaid orders will be recalculated at new prices.
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  • Opening hours for New Year's holidays 2017
    22 December 2016
    Our dear customers, the Decorshop.ua store sincerely hurries to congratulate you on the New Year 2017 and Merry Christmas. We wish you happiness, good luck, smiles and only festive mood in the New Year 2017! May all your expectations come true. The house will be full of friends, smiles and cheerful laughter. Let all the bad things be forgotten and never return!
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  • Perimeter SPM 5503A polyurethane skirting board
    09 December 2016
    In the Perimeter collection of polyurethane skirting boards, model SPM-5503A is perhaps the most popular. Suitable for almost any design solution. But its main advantage is that there is the same model in a flexible profile, which is important, when used for walls with a complex configuration, such as rounded corners.
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  • Properties and care of photo curtains
    05 December 2016
    In this article we will tell you and show you in a table how to care for photo curtains, and provide the properties of the fabrics so that they serve you for a long time and are pleasing to the eye. Which fabric is better to choose? - This is perhaps the most asked question when ordering photo curtains and photo textiles in general. Since it is difficult to navigate in some situations without seeing the object, we have provided a complete table of descriptions and characteristics. Using the table, you can easily decide on the choice of fabric and its care, since each of us chooses what is most suitable for him.
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  • Roller blinds: how to choose the right one
    02 November 2016
    Our store today presents to your attention a variety of roller blinds. It won’t be difficult to choose the most organically fitting model for any interior. Absolutely all of our curtains are original, easy to use, not bulky and multifunctional. We also draw your attention to the fact that purchasing ready-to-use roller blinds is much more profitable than having them specially manufactured to a given size. The variety of options presented in our store will not leave anyone indifferent, and most importantly, we will help you decorate a window of any size and shape with such curtains.
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  • Wallpaper Bioplast new autumn 2016
    27 October 2016
    Liquid wallpaper Bioplast is a popular product for renovation, especially in a modern style. The main advantage is the application of liquid wallpaper in easily accessible places, or niches with irregular shapes. Liquid wallpaper is often used as an economical option for renovation, since the price per square meter of Bioplast is 18 UAH. There are, of course, options for the premium segment, which include silk, and cost more than 100 hryvnia per square meter. For the fall of 2016, TM Bioplast pleased with 15 types of new products in its offer for designers. The model range of articles from 851 to 865. perfectly pleases with the consumption of up to 5 square meters.
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  • Types of metal curtain rods
    04 October 2016
    Leading interior designers unanimously say: an antique metal cornice in the color of blackened gold or antique brass in an ensemble with stylish finials can create a pleasant atmosphere of the past. Current classics, complemented by stylish furniture, heavy curtains are in perfect harmony with a steel cornice decorated with a crystal-shaped tip. In addition, a huge selection of shades and imitations - brass, steel, chrome, gold - contribute to a significant expansion of the possibilities of use in the most modern interior solutions.
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  • Premium wooden window sill Topalit
    12 September 2016
    Window sills from the Austrian company Topalit are a new product on the window sill market. Of course, every year a large number of high-quality, environmentally friendly window sills are presented to the attention of consumers, but they still cannot compare with the unsurpassed properties of Topalit. According to many finishing craftsmen, Topalit window sills are, first of all, premium quality, and also an opportunity to emphasize the style of the interior, reflecting the character of the room in all its diversity. High-quality wood, stone, stylish colored decors; silk-matte, delicately glossy and any other texture will open up space for your imagination and, undoubtedly, convey the character of the room.
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  • Modular paintings made of gabardine fabric
    01 September 2016
    Modular panels and paintings on gabardine fabric have become increasingly used in non-standard decor. Original and at the same time stylish modular ensembles are a relatively new word in the art of design. Despite the fact that they were recently presented to the attention of buyers, many decided to decorate their home with such an unusual accessory.
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  • Wall decor with Perimetr rosettes
    24 August 2016
    Perimeter polyurethane rosettes look stylish as a central element of decor, but if you choose moldings and baguettes that are similar in style, the ensemble will turn out to be even more expressive and complete. Professional decorators offer many options for using Perimeter medallions. For example, a floor-to-ceiling strip of ceiling rosettes will look especially good on a surface painted in some rich, rich color. The wall above the bed or sofa decorated with such medallions also looks quite interesting. If you plan to make an ensemble of ceiling rosettes the central element of the decor, then you will attract even more interested and admiring glances if the basis for the rosettes is a strip of textured, for example, fabric wallpaper. In all these cases, the main thing is to think through all the details and not overload the interior.
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  • Decorative fireplaces in the interior
    16 August 2016
    Today we present to your attention numerous style solutions for fireplace portals from Orac Decor, Harmony and Gaudi Decor. Our store is the official representative of these manufacturers in Ukraine, therefore the most affordable prices are set for all components. In addition, you have the opportunity to get advice from competent specialists on any issue that interests you.
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  • Ceiling decoration with Europlast polyurethane products
    04 August 2016
    Polyurethane stucco molding Europlast is, first of all, a huge selection of beautiful and durable elements for interior decoration. It not only has a stylish look, but is also environmentally friendly, resistant to temperature fluctuations, and does not deform during active use. At the same time, absolutely all products are very easily mounted to the surface, and they can also be painted with paint and other compounds. Our store offers the largest selection of Europlast stucco elements, which have very intricate shapes, different sizes and designs. The collection contains numerous components for the design of door and window openings, arches, niches, as well as wall and ceiling surfaces. By the way, it is the decorative elements for finishing the ceiling that make it possible not only to decorate it unusually beautifully, but also, if required, to unobtrusively hide existing defects.
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  • We are working on Constitution Day
    24 June 2016
    Congratulations on the upcoming Constitution Day of Ukraine! We inform you that during these holidays the following work schedule is established: June 25 – reduced office hours from 10 to 16.00 June 26 is a day off. June 27 – reduced office hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 28 is a day off. from June 29th as usual.
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  • Window sill Verzalit promotion in Ukraine
    12 May 2016
    Werzalit window sills have been in consistently high demand in the building materials market for many decades. These products are of German quality, and Germany, as you know, is famous for having some of the strictest rules for the quality of any product manufactured in the country. Moreover, control occurs at every stage of production. It should also be noted that after complete readiness, Verzalit window sills undergo a thorough strength test - for this they use various loads: exposure to ultraviolet rays, chemicals; exposed to high temperatures, mechanical pressure, etc. Window sills from this manufacturer are not only of first-class quality. In their production, an innovative development is used - a multi-layer surface structure.
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  • Working hours for May holidays
    25 April 2016
    Dear colleagues, friends, visitors and customers, we congratulate you on the upcoming May holidays, Easter and Victory Day. We would like to draw your attention to the opening hours of our store during the May hot weekend: April 30 – open from 10:00 to 15:00 May 1-2 - days off May 3 – open from 9:00 to 18:00 May 4-6 – open from 9:00 to 19:00 May 7 – open from 10:00 to 16:00 May 9 – day off From May 10 - as usual We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that you can place an order online around the clock through our website, but it will be processed on the first business day.
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  • Japanese panel photo curtains
    06 April 2016
    Elegant panel photo curtains are guaranteed to add style to the room, bringing beauty and desired comfort to it. The variety of execution options allows your ideas and dreams to be fully realized. In addition, they look great not only in apartments, but also in country houses and dachas. Whether this will be the effect of unity with nature, or whether you want to plunge into the alluring atmosphere of the night city or want to contemplate stylish abstract paintings, is up to you. And our store will help you realize any idea. A huge selection of panel photo curtains at reasonable prices is now presented to your attention.
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  • Gypsum 3D panels Wall art
    30 March 2016
    It should be noted that the wide variety of forms of Wall art panels helps to bring to life the most daring and original ideas. Their increasing relevance is also explained by their wide area of application - they are able to emphasize the elegance and charm of the chosen style in a city apartment, and can focus attention on the originality of a country house. For restaurants, bars, cinemas, this is a completely win-win finishing option - a minimum of money and time spent, and a maximum of style and perfect beauty.
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  • Decorative polyurethane columns - for large apartments
    21 March 2016
    When talking about columns in ordinary apartments or houses, most people have a strong analogy with pomp and excessive luxury. Of course, in some ways this is actually true, but the skill of their use lies in creating a harmonious, cohesive interior, often without focusing on inappropriate excesses. Moreover, this can be done today without special costs and the involvement of specially trained craftsmen. Polyurethane columns from world-famous manufacturers are easy to install, most often devoid of excessive pomposity, and they also have a lot of other equally important advantages:
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  • Discount by March 8
    02 March 2016
    Dear girls, women, ladies, our company sincerely congratulates you on Women’s Spring Day on March 8th. We wish you a lot of joy, smiles, spring mood and most importantly health. In honor of this day, we are giving a guaranteed price for delivery in Kyiv, only 8 UAH. subject to the purchase of goods for more than 800 UAH. Delivery for 8 UAH. in Kyiv will be valid from March 3 to March 8 inclusive. We would also like to note that we work as usual on holidays. Happy holidays and good mood to you.
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  • Fiberglass tiles 3D apron, panel, floor
    22 February 2016
    A modern person by the phrase “fashionable interior” understands, first of all, straight, clear lines, the presence of only the necessary accessories, unusual shapes and decor, which can be opposed to traditional ideas of comfort. However, if modern housing design does not fall under the definition of “classic”, this does not mean at all that it is poorly suited for a comfortable stay in it. Quite the contrary. The interior, created with the help of modern technologies and accessories, is comfortable for humans. The energy of such an interior is built primarily on strong accents, lines and shapes. This is probably why 3D tiles found their application in this case. It brings freshness and appropriate originality to the interior.
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  • Buying stucco has become easier
    15 February 2016
    The fashion for decorating rooms with stucco goes back to ancient times. The eras, the manner of execution, and the source materials have changed, but stucco molding has been and remains relevant in the present day. Few would argue with the statement that the style of the interior decoration of a house is the personification of the status and taste of the owner. And today, using stucco molding made from modern, durable, environmentally friendly materials, you can easily bring unobtrusive style, sophistication, and, undoubtedly, comfort into your home. The model range of many world-famous manufacturers allows you to count on obtaining a unique, unique interior of a room of any style and functionality. However, this is often possible subject to proper selection and masterful execution.
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  • Molding with polyurethane ornament
    09 February 2016
    Among the many advantages of using these architectural elements, you need to focus on the ability to decorate “extra” objects in the interior (wires, etc.). Molding can be successfully used to decorate wall defects. By the way, given the strength of modern materials used in production, it will help protect the surface from possible damage. The main thing here is to choose quality products. And today our store will help with this, the range of which is simply amazing. With us, any buyer - with ultra-modern taste or who prefers timeless classics - will be able to choose any molding for his home, apartment or office.
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  • Omic interior doors in a modern interior
    26 January 2016
    It should be noted that Omis products meet all quality requirements, which is confirmed by numerous certificates of conformity. Many professional designers and ordinary buyers have managed to convince themselves that interior doors from this manufacturer allow them to competently implement a non-standard solution in any situation, even an extraordinary one. Now customers will be able to appreciate the excellent quality of modern Omis doors with an aluminum base - very soon they will be seen in the catalog of our store.
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  • DIY fireplaces using Gaudi stucco decor
    14 January 2016
    Decorative false fireplaces provide a frame and imitation of a fireplace. Very often, such fireplaces are used in apartments where there is no opportunity to install a natural fireplace, but you want comfort and an imitation of fire. Our assortment includes ready-made fireplaces made of polyurethane, such as Orac, Harmony, Europlast, but it happens that some aspects, such as design or dimensions, are not suitable. We decided to offer several options that you can create with your own hands based on the partial arrangement of stucco decorative elements.
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  • Opening hours for holidays 2016
    24 December 2015
    The team of the online store "Decorshop" congratulates all clients and visitors on the upcoming New Year 2016 holidays and Merry Christmas. We wish everyone goodness, joy, peace, and creative success in the New Year. We would also like to draw your attention to the opening hours of our store during these holidays.
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  • Discount on carpet for St. Nicholas Day 5%
    19 December 2015
    The long-awaited New Year holidays are beginning! And the first on this magical list is St. Nicholas Day. The kids are looking forward to gifts under their pillow. In honor of this magical holiday, the online store "Decorshop" announces 5% discounts on all children's carpets! Make your kids happy by buying them a high-quality children's carpet.
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  • Ceiling decorative boards: where and how to use
    16 December 2015
    Modern fashion has allowed improved structural elements - ceiling decorative boards - to occupy an important place in interior design. And if earlier they tried to hide them from prying eyes, today they often act as the main element of decor. By the way, several centuries ago such boards were used exclusively for practical purposes - to reliably support the ceiling, and in some cases they even acted as a support for the entire structure of the home.
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  • Liquid wallpaper in the interior
    07 December 2015
    The current selection of wallpaper is quite impressive - from the now familiar paper and vinyl to, strange as it may sound at first glance, liquid wallpaper. Many designers believe that since the creation of this innovative coating, humanity has the opportunity to use a perfect material that can not only be applied to uneven walls, but also repair contaminated or damaged areas that arise over time.
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  • Black Friday: -25% discount on stucco molding!
    27 November 2015
    Today is November 27, 2015, which means that the famous Black Friday has arrived with its fantastic discounts! We will not stand aside and also kindly provide a -25% discount on stucco molding to all our customers! This promotion expires on November 27th and 28th. Hurry, discounted stucco decor is sold out very quickly!
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  • The role of polyurethane plinth in the interior
    17 November 2015
    Polyurethane stucco appeared on the market in our country not so long ago - about 10 years ago. However, the advantages of its use and perfect appearance were immediately highly appreciated not only by professionals, but also by ordinary buyers. Today, thanks to its use, the usual components of palace decoration - luxurious rosettes, monumental columns, relief cornices and many other elements have become available to everyone, without exception, consumers. Few professional designers would argue with the statement that skirting boards for the floor and ceiling act as the finishing touch when arranging premises. And, if you choose them correctly, it will certainly help to focus attention on this, at first glance, simple finishing touch of the room. Their installation allows, in some cases, to hide minor flaws made during repairs. Taking this into account, we can safely say that polyurethane skirting boards do an excellent job not only with an aesthetic, but also with a practical function.
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  • Facade decor - the grandeur of your home
    03 November 2015
    The use of stucco foam decoration, unique in its properties, allows you to quickly and, of course, efficiently solve the issue of decorating the facade. At the same time, the characteristics of foam plastic are simply amazing in their diversity - the molded elements do not crack, are not subject to rotting, and are not afraid of temperature changes. Stylish embossed foam parts can insulate a house quite effectively. It should be noted that the unique properties are based on specific production technology. The resulting granules do not absorb moisture, thereby prolonging the “life” of the facade.
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  • Decor with beams in loft style
    26 October 2015
    Considering the popularity of these decorative elements, the question of the most acceptable base material arises. Previously, beams were predominantly wooden. However, they are quite weighty, and their cost is quite high. The use of modern material - polyurethane - during production, made it possible to reduce their weight and, importantly, the price. Such beams are visually difficult to distinguish from natural wood, but installing them is not difficult. An important advantage is that the material is not afraid of dampness - this does not threaten the proliferation of fungi that are dangerous to health. Most types of wood dry out over time, while this is not at all typical for polyurethane. All these important circumstances allow you to safely use polyurethane false beams when arranging bathrooms, saunas and kitchens. It should be especially noted that these beams are hollow, which makes it easy to carry out hidden communications - be it electrical wires, cables, pipes, etc.
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  • The choice of the year is flexible curtain rods
    20 October 2015
    The constantly growing demand for flexible curtain rods allows us to conclude that an increasing number of our fellow citizens appreciate the benefits of their use. Today, our store’s offer allows you to implement any, even the most daring design solution. And what is important – at very reasonable prices. Since this product gained a lot of attention in our analytics last year, we can safely call them the choice of the year.
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  • Composition of photo curtains and photo blankets
    14 October 2015
    Realistic pictures on curtains and bedspreads presented in our store will help you correctly complement and complete the image of your room. A comprehensive consultation with our specialists will help you appropriately decorate the room with landscapes, flowers or any other ornament you like. Our work experience allows us to say with confidence: a composition made from a photo bedspread and photo curtains will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. In addition, in our store you can choose high-quality, wear-resistant, comfortable pillows.
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  • Insulation extruded polystyrene foam Penoboard
    07 October 2015
    Our store presents environmentally safe, high-quality extruded polystyrene foam Penoboard, available to every customer. Today we offer to take advantage of a unique offer: you can purchase polystyrene foam sheets of this brand in our store with a very significant discount.
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  • Orac stucco decoration, this is a designer feature
    29 September 2015
    Using this polyurethane stucco molding, you can competently and at the same time unusually beautifully decorate a house or apartment. We can also offer unique products that will transform even the most luxurious mansion. The choice is great, the main thing is to decide on the decoration concept. Experts note that the current Orac Dcor stucco collections are harmoniously combined with modern interior items made of leather, wood, metal alloys, clay, etc. At the same time, all presented models competently combine professionalism, the ideal taste of the designer and a flight of creative imagination.
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  • Photocurtains can now be bought cheaply
    14 September 2015
    If you are in search of the best photo curtains, you should take a closer look at our offer. Our store offers a wide range of services for the production of this unique piece of furniture. Purchasing photocurtains from us is very easy. You are required to select the material, design, and indicate the desired dimensions. And that’s it, you will receive the product at the specified time. It should be noted that we fulfill the order with high quality in the shortest possible time - no more than 5 working days. In addition, if necessary, we can send curtains to any region of our country, or even to Europe. Our qualified specialists will help you choose the best option for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, children's room or other room.
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  • Ceiling stucco: cornices, rosettes, caissons
    11 September 2015
    Experts in the field of decoration believe that ceiling stucco, in addition to its aesthetic function, can play the role of a “decorator”, unobtrusively hiding defects and visually changing the size of the room. Implementing your plans is simple and difficult at the same time. The modern market of building and decorative materials offers many models of stucco molding made from different materials. It is not surprising that many consumers are often puzzled by the question: what kind of stucco can be used to decorate the ceiling? In our store, customers can get advice from an experienced designer who will help you choose everything you need so that all the details of the stucco decoration not only harmonize, but also decorate the room.
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  • Plastic curtain rods - a win-win option
    31 August 2015
    Some consumers claim that it is just plastic, which, in their opinion, is risky for hanging heavy fabrics on. However, this is not quite true. We bring to our customers regular models that are excellent for hanging regular tulle and not too heavy curtains. In addition, there are reinforced curtain rods on which you can safely hang beautiful, rather weighty curtains and tulle. Our store offers high-quality plastic curtain rods. Moreover, the consumer does not need to worry about purchasing fasteners, plugs or other equally important parts - we sell these products as a complete set. Our specialists will quickly and efficiently help you install curtain rods in Kyiv. In addition, we will deliver your purchase to any location in the country.
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  • 3D panels for walls - who are they?
    27 August 2015
    WallArt 3D wall panels are an excellent opportunity to radically change the interior of your home without spending a lot of time and money. This company has been presenting a large assortment of decorative items to the residents of our country for about 5 years. Today our store is the official representative of the company, so prices for 3D panels always remain affordable for customers with different income levels. It should also be noted that we not only implement 3D panels from WallArt. Our specialists will carefully and quickly install them at any time convenient for the buyer.
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  • Baguette or ceiling plinth - a budget solution for ceiling decor
    25 August 2015
    Today, many experts choose Homestar foam skirting boards not only because of their excellent characteristics and perfect appearance. In their opinion, this is the best option when you don’t have to overpay for excellent quality. We cooperate directly with the manufacturing plant, so our store offers decorative elements from this manufacturer at an ideally affordable price. You can order Homestar ceiling skirting boards from us in any quantity - we will help you carry out repairs quickly, efficiently and on time.
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  • Happy 24th Independence Day Ukraine
    21 August 2015
    Independence Day is a holiday. A holiday when you want peace and stability, confidence in the future and the absence of fear for the lives of loved ones and the fate of children. Our holiday this year is with tears in our eyes. We know why. But we believe that Independence Day will once again remind everyone that we are Ukrainians! We are so different - we speak different things and have different faiths. But we know how to work and make friends, love and create. And it will always be like this! It simply cannot be otherwise - we are a stronghold of spirituality and intellect. Let common sense prevail, and philanthropy and creativity help us celebrate this holiday year after year, passing on to our children and grandchildren the ability to love the place where they were born and raised. We are Ukraine! Independent Ukraine! Happy holiday to you, country! Happy holiday, Motherland! Happy Independence Day, beloved Ukraine. Peace to our common home and prosperity!
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  • Assortment of Omis doors in our store
    19 August 2015
    Today the Omis brand has a representative office in the Kiev region. Therefore, purchasing the necessary products in the required quantity is not difficult at all - the range of the warehouse and its quality can satisfy even the most demanding consumer. It should also be noted that the prices for the goods are extremely low - we provide our compatriots with the opportunity to purchase Omis interior doors at the factory price.
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  • Ready-made frescoes - just stick them on the wall
    18 August 2015
    Some of our historians argue that the beauty and craftsmanship of the frescoes, to which the artists had a hand, cannot be replicated using modern mechanisms. However, this is far from the case: many residents of our country have already managed to appreciate the quality of these machine-made decorative elements, the price of which, it should be noted, is simply amazing in its affordability. Today we offer our customers frescoes that can be successfully used both on the wall and on the ceiling. In the process of work, canvases from environmentally friendly materials are always used; gluing them to surfaces is not difficult.
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  • Promotion for Decomaster decor
    25 July 2015
    The molded products of the Dekomaster company are among the best on the market in our country. This is explained by the constant quality of Dekomaster polyurethane stucco molding, as well as an impressive assortment - it is not difficult to select all the necessary elements to decorate different parts of the interior.
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  • Why Danke are leaders among window sills
    21 May 2015
    According to customers familiar with Danke quality, these products can easily be considered one of the most successful examples of international cooperation. It should be noted that the design of the product was developed by specialists from Germany. At the same time, the main goal of the design was to obtain an ideal, harmonious product, the use of which would be appropriate in various decors.
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  • How we work during the May holidays
    29 April 2015
    We sincerely congratulate you Happy young ringing May. May it be the brightest The kindest and most welcoming, Opens the doors in summer, Generously bestows happiness.
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  • Happy Easter!
    10 April 2015
    This weekend we operate on the following schedule: Saturday - from 10:00 to 15:00 Monday - from 10:00 to 16:00 From Tuesday - as usual
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  • Everything you wanted to know about Crystallit window sills
    09 April 2015
    Few people will be surprised by the installation of plastic window sills. This is no longer a luxury item that is available exclusively to wealthy people. Plastic window sills are considered an important element of comfort, the installation of which is appropriate not only in offices, but also in apartments and houses. Every year, wooden analogues are increasingly losing their relevance. They are being replaced by PVC window sills, which provide excellent protection not only from the cold, but also from street noise and dirt.
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  • Adhesive for polyurethane promotion
    08 April 2015
    Joining decorative elements requires attention, skill and the use of quality materials. That is why you need to pay attention to Belgian-made joint adhesives NMC ADEFIX P5, DecoFix Extra FX200. They ideally lay on the surface in an economically thin layer, efficiently filling seams and joints. One of the main advantages of using NMC ADEFIX P5 and DecoFix Extra FX200 is almost instant drying. At the same time, it hardens into a white mass, which merges with the glued baseboard or rosette. If required, the glue and polyurethane product can be painted in any color.
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  • New to our catalog - Ukrainian doors Omis
    27 March 2015
    In our store you can order any Omis interior door. All prices indicated on the website are current, so you do not have to additionally contact managers to clarify the amount to pay. In addition, we provide the opportunity to use the product delivery service. The buyer chooses the most acceptable option - it could be Nova Poshta, Intime or Autolux. In addition, our specialists will help you install the purchased interior door.
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  • Happy International Women's Day!
    08 March 2015
    With a fragrant sprig of lilac Spring comes to every home, We sincerely congratulate you Happy International Women's Day!
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  • Current prices for curtain rods
    04 March 2015
    Today, customers have the opportunity to purchase stylish curtain rods that are distinguished by quality and functionality at an excellent price. We sell products at warehouse prices, lower than which you simply will not find. And most importantly, our prices for curtain rods are always up-to-date and correct, which indicates that we keep up with the times and provide truthful information on our website. Happy shopping.
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  • Choosing a window sill: what you should pay attention to
    27 February 2015
    We offer high-quality window sills at an excellent price. Our store presents products from world-famous manufacturers of PVC window sills, so we guarantee that you will not encounter any unpleasant misunderstandings or disappointments. In addition, our specialists will carefully and reliably install any plastic window sill.
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  • Euro curtain rods from a Polish manufacturer
    13 February 2015
    Our store offers cornices made in Poland. Here you can choose an original or a classic model - the range is so wide that even the most demanding customers in terms of quality and design choose from us the best product for their home. The excellent quality and perfect appearance of our curtain rods were appreciated not only by our fellow citizens, but also by consumers in many European countries. All elements of the cornices presented in our store are made of high quality material. This product will not lose color, does not oxidize, and has an ideal appearance for many years.
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  • False beams: examples of use in the interior
    04 February 2015
    If, living in a busy city, you want to feel the romantic spirit of a country house, you just need to secure several polyurethane false beams, decorating the joints with decorative straps with forged iron elements. And if you want to make the room taller and wider, without resorting to radical measures, you need to install decorative beams in a special way. And that’s all - a small island of comfort is guaranteed to you, and besides, it’s stylish and fashionable.
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  • NMC stucco decor: what the manufacturer offers
    02 February 2015
    NMC products occupy a worthy place in the stucco decoration market. The stucco molding from this manufacturer is made from various materials, such as duropolymer, polyurethane and polystyrene. Currently, Arstyl and Domostyl polyurethane collections, as well as Nomastyl and Nomaclic polystyrene products, are especially popular. According to professionals, these real works of art can be considered worthy competitors to similar Orac Decor products. Using NMC decorative elements, you can give the room a romantic or classic, strict or pretentious style. Or you can even bring a non-standard design idea to life; in any case, the result will be excellent.
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  • Economical ceiling plastic cornice - the solution to all problems
    27 January 2015
    Our store offers the best Polish plastic ceiling cornices, the quality of which has been highly appreciated by many customers. The range of these products presented in our store allows you to choose the best option that will be in harmony with the rest of the room decor. Among other things, it is worth noting that we provide installation services for plastic ceiling cornices, because high-quality installation is an additional guarantee of the durability of the product. On the store’s website you can view the images; you just need to select the required product category.
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  • Gaudi Decor: a few facts about the company and products
    19 January 2015
    From the line of Gaudi Decor models, the consumer can always choose the most suitable option. The assortment presented in our store will allow you to bring to life even the most daring design ideas, which until recently could only remain in the form of an excellent, but unlikely project. Any room will be interestingly transformed, and will certainly not leave connoisseurs of all things beautiful indifferent.
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  • Liquid wallpaper Silk Plaster
    16 January 2015
    Silk Plaster presents wallpapers made using only environmentally friendly materials: cellulose and silk fibers. It should be noted that they meet all quality standards. Those who are concerned about the health of themselves and their households simply need to pay attention to Silk Plaster products. It is no coincidence that decorative plaster from this manufacturer is in demand not only in Russia, but also in many other countries. Silk Plaster products have been repeatedly awarded with international awards at prestigious exhibitions and competitions.
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  • Production of photo curtains - our new service
    14 January 2015
    We, as manufacturers of photo curtains, use only environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing process. The choice is great: they can be transparent, translucent, heavy, light. I apply the image to the surface using photo printing technology. The capabilities of modern devices for the production of photo curtains allow you to create a rich palette consisting of many different colors and shades. It should be noted that when contacting our store it is not at all necessary to look for options for a drawing, which must have a high resolution. Our specialists can offer many options, and the client chooses the most suitable one. As a result, the customer receives ready-made photo curtains that will undoubtedly decorate the room.
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  • Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
    01 January 2015
    May the New Year To the clink of glasses He will quietly enter the room And along with the smell of spruce It will bring a lot of happiness.
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  • Features of installing polyurethane skirting boards
    26 December 2014
    Many interior designers choose polyurethane skirting boards also because this element has sufficient flexibility, which allows you to decorate rounded surfaces. In addition, colored plinth can be a complete replacement for ceiling molding. It is important that this decorative element does not absorb odors, is safe for children's rooms, and does not lose its functional qualities when wet cleaned. Considering the increased wear resistance of the material and immunity to temperature fluctuations (from -60 to +80 degrees), you can count on the fact that the polyurethane decor of the room will please the eye for decades.
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  • Main characteristics of plastic curtain rods
    17 December 2014
    As a rule, plastic curtain rods are made of lightweight, practical and functional material - polyvinyl chloride. The operational characteristics of these interior elements allow you to count on soft sliding of the fasteners, which will only add to the comfort of the user. It is worth noting that in addition to generally accepted applications, interior designers practice using plastic cornices to decorate niches. In addition, these elements look unusual and stylish in an ensemble with a decorative overlay.
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  • False wood-look beams for country-style interiors
    12 December 2014
    Currently, this decorative element is used to decorate public places: restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels. However, it is becoming increasingly popular among those who are engaged in arranging country houses and apartments. Using a false beam in the kitchen allows you to design the lighting in an unusual way, which is guaranteed to give the room a special charm thanks to the play of light and shadow on the ceiling. The color of the product can contrast with the shade of the walls and ceiling, or you can choose a false beam to match the main decoration of the room. Experts recommend calculating the number of decorative false beams based on taste preferences and the size of the room.
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  • Homestar - the most affordable foam curtain rods
    08 December 2014
    Homestar ceiling cornices are excellent German quality. The model range allows any buyer to create an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort in their home. The ceiling cornice from Homestar not only performs an excellent aesthetic role, it also serves as a decorative material, with the help of which you can easily hide from prying eyes unevenness and errors in the transition of the wall to the ceiling.
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  • Skar Line curtain rods - a futurist's dream
    04 December 2014
    Some buyers, when choosing a cornice, do not think about the important role it plays in the interior. Designers recommend approaching the selection of these products no less responsibly than curtains and tulle. You should know that the cornice has long ceased to serve only as a holder for curtains; today it is an important element of the decor of any room. And if you do not pay attention to its choice, you can ruin the appearance of the room, and expensive, original and beautiful tulle will not be able to correct the situation.
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  • Anti-slip pads on steps - take care of your customers
    02 December 2014
    In icy conditions, the roadway and paths are sprinkled with special compounds that are designed to reliably protect against slipping. But on the street stairs and indoors, this solution to the problem is unacceptable. The best example here is the use of anti-slip profiles, corner covers and steps. And today it’s worth worrying about purchasing them, because winter, with all its manifestations, is just around the corner.
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  • Standard market prices for Isoplaat underlayment
    20 November 2014
    When choosing a substrate for laminate, you no longer need to think about what is a higher priority: excellent sound insulation or perfect fit of the laminate. Isoplat substrate is one of the best developments of our time. Using it you can achieve amazing results, thanks to which your home will become even more comfortable and warm. Our store offers excellent quality Isoplat underlay at an ideal price.
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  • Mounting and joining adhesives for polyurethane plinths
    14 November 2014
    Experts recommend installing skirting boards on a flat, clean surface. You need to prepare the wort, special glue for the polyurethane product and a tape measure in advance. Often, in order to get an even joint, a wort - regular or rotary - is used to cut polyurethane skirting boards. At the same time, in order for the cut of an individual product to fit together even better, they are stacked one on top of the other and cut simultaneously.
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  • Polyurethane baguettes are our main direction
    07 November 2014
    Many potential buyers do not know how to choose this element correctly so that it looks harmonious and does not stand out from the overall ensemble of the room. You should know that if you consider choosing the most acceptable width of a polyurethane baguette, it will depend on the height of the ceiling and the size of the room where it will be installed. Thus, in a room with a high ceiling, the baguette should be wider, and vice versa. In an ordinary apartment, the ceiling height is 2.75-3 meters, the optimal width of the polyurethane baguette is 45-50 mm.
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  • Plastic window sill Elysium: features, range and operation
    05 November 2014
    Because our company is the official representative of Elysium Plast, you can order a product of almost any size from us. And what is important: we allow you to purchase these PVC products of almost any size for a limited time. If you doubt the accuracy of your own measurements, qualified employees of our company will take on this task, which allows you to get an excellent result, and, importantly, at an extremely affordable price.
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  • Round cornices - trend of 2014
    27 October 2014
    Many manufacturers pay special attention to the use of various style techniques, thanks to which the buyer has the opportunity to choose an unusual and harmonious round cornice. It is important that the fastening elements of these products are provided in such a way that you can select options that are ideal not only for tulle and curtains, but also for the entire interior of the room. In modern models, mounting is possible both to the ceiling and to the wall, while the diameter of the round cornice can be selected taking into account the individual needs of the client. However, one way or another, the impeccable and beautiful appearance of round cornices contributes to the fact that today they are one of the most popular decorations for both living rooms and office spaces.
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  • Sundeco cornice is our new product that we brag about
    23 October 2014
    Those who are looking for the best curtain rod for their home should definitely look into our store. Here you can find steel products coated with galvanic method from Sun Deco, which will ideally suit your interior. And what is good news is that we work directly with the manufacturer, which allows us to sell Sun Deco curtain rods at extremely attractive prices.
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  • Harmony stucco decor - products from the Middle Kingdom at an affordable price
    16 October 2014
    When choosing stucco, some consumers fear that its price has increased due to economic and political events in the world. However, our store offers high-quality Chinese stucco molding at the same price, affordable and fixed in relation to the old dollar exchange rate. Harmony polyurethane molding is made in China. And like many other products from this country, it is of excellent quality, and what is important is that today it has a low price. Of course, this is a tempting offer, which allows you to choose the best option among the widest range.
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  • Stucco molding for new buildings in Kyiv free of charge
    14 October 2014
    We already have an excellent price for stucco decor, but also: great news for buyers. Our store is holding a promotion, the terms of which allow you to take advantage of free delivery if the buyer is undergoing renovations in one of the new buildings in Kyiv or the suburbs. If you have any questions, you can contact a qualified manager of our store, who will provide advice when placing an order.
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  • Stucco molding at the old price
    02 October 2014
    We offer products from the manufacturer of stucco decoration and polyurethane stucco Gaudi Decor at an excellent price. At the same time, the products can be used in the design of collages of paintings, panels and other elements. Often, skirting boards, as well as cornices, in addition to their usual purpose, are used as an element that hides a socket for a lighting fixture or uneven walls. The affordable price of Orac Decor or Vip Decor stucco molding allows us to consider it as an alternative to the usual finishing made of polystyrene, plaster or foam. By taking advantage of the store's advantageous offer and purchasing everything you need for high-quality decor at the old price, you can decorate the ceilings, facades, and walls of houses without much difficulty. And a huge selection of elements allows you to create, without regard or restrictions.
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  • Interior decor Art Baguette
    19 September 2014
    Our company is the official representative of the Art Baget brand in Ukraine and offers its customers the lowest prices for products of this brand. Our specialists will give you high-quality advice on the product and help you choose exactly what you need. By contacting us, you can purchase truly high-quality products that have all the necessary certificates and are distinguished by their beauty and durability.
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  • Window sill Danke or Elysium
    10 September 2014
    The catalogs of our online store offer a wide range of plastic window sills from well-known brands, among which products from the Danke and Edizium brands stand out. By contacting us, you can select this decorative element in accordance with the future interior of the room and the necessary functional requirements. Our online consultants will answer all your questions and provide any information regarding the manufacturer and design of the product you like. All window sills presented in our catalogs have the necessary quality certificates and also meet fire and environmental safety requirements.
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  • Elite stucco decor
    01 September 2014
    Stucco molding is presented in different price categories from premium class to economy. A buyer with any income level will be able to find a suitable decor for themselves and create a luxurious interior in their premises. Having plunged once into the world of stucco decoration, the buyer remains an admirer forever. The laconicism of the lines, the sophistication of the curls and the sophistication of the design of the product are intertwined into a single composition that captivates and fascinates everyone who looks at it. Stucco molding looks so natural in the interior that it seems that it is in its place and there simply shouldn’t be any other decor.
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  • Stucco molding: prices and benefits
    26 August 2014
    Since ancient times, humanity has used stucco decorative elements to decorate the interiors and facades of buildings. Even then they knew that a house decorated with stucco had an aristocratic appearance and was associated with luxury and wealth.
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  • Independence Day! Opening hours for the August weekend.
    22 August 2014
    Dear clients, friends, colleagues, partners! Congratulations to everyone on the Independence Day of Ukraine, celebrated on August 24! Due to the fact that this year August 24 falls on a Sunday, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the following working day is declared a day off. But this DOES NOT APPLY to us, we are working, and we suggest you familiarize yourself with the work schedule: August 23 – in standard mode from 10-00 to 16-00 August 24 is a day off August 25 – open from 10-00 to 15-00 from August 26 - as usual.
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  • Advantages of Danke window sills
    12 August 2014
    Danke is a well-known brand that has long gained popularity in the market of construction and finishing materials. Throughout its existence, the company’s specialists have constantly used and introduced modern technologies and materials into the production process. And the result of such efforts are the new Danke window sills, which appeared on the Ukrainian market relatively recently.
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  • Combination of colors in the interior
    08 August 2014
    The color of walls, furniture, textiles, decor is perhaps the first thing that a person entering a room pays attention to. A carefully selected, harmonious combination of colors plays a big role not only from an aesthetic point of view. Of course, when the “eye does not fall” on the color spots, it is much more pleasant to be in the room. But it also affects the psychological state of the owner and guests of the house.
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  • Decowood beams are the best choice for antique decor
    06 August 2014
    We work with the Decoowood collection (Ukraine), which is very popular on the Ukrainian finishing materials market. Our company offers real favorable terms of cooperation for the Decoowood collection. Our prices for the "Decoowood" beam collection have remained at the 2013 level, and this is 20% cheaper than the prices offered by manufacturers of similar products. There is no need to pay more, because the price of the product remains high, which is confirmed by the quality certificate.
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  • Guzzi curtain rods - a premium line originally from Turkey
    21 July 2014
    Our store presents exclusive curtain rods TM "Guzzi" (Turkey), made of precious metals (stainless steel, bronze and brass). Cornices TM "Guzzi" stand out among their analogues; not every manufacturer's products are covered with a layer of twenty-two carat gold. Collections of curtain rods and accessories were developed taking into account the latest requirements in the world of fashion design. These collections are extremely popular among famous decorators and celebrities. The sophistication of decorative products attracts and fascinates everyone who pays attention to them. The creativity and novelty of the collection suggests that Ukrainian buyers will not ignore the elements of the Guzzi TM (Turkey).
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  • Range and features of Orac Decor skirting boards
    07 July 2014
    Orac Decor skirting boards have proven themselves in rooms with high humidity; their resistance to mechanical stress allows them to be compared with wooden skirting boards. Ease of installation and transportation makes it possible to install the profile yourself. Orac Axxent plinth has a synthetic film and is painted at the factory with water-based paint, which facilitates further painting and does not require preliminary priming of the product or other work with it.
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  • Discounts on stucco up to -50%
    02 July 2014
    We recommend paying attention to online stores with a proven reputation! Not really low prices and big discounts are one of the most common ways to attract customers, but as you know: “Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap!” Our store encounters clients who were attracted by tempting bright advertising with a loudly screaming -50% discount on stucco decor; the finishing materials market does not provide clients with such discounts. Be vigilant and do not waste time on unfounded slogans of scammers. Before purchasing, pay attention to site traffic, store coordinates and reviews about it; according to the company details (name of legal entity, tax identification number, current account) enough information will appear that can clarify things. Do not transfer money if there are no stamps on the invoice and it is filled out carelessly!
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  • Manufacturing of mosquito nets
    26 June 2014
    Are you tormented by insects? Protection against them does not bring the desired result? We will show you how to spend the summer without annoying insects. You have a choice: spend time on traps, sprays, fly swatters and other types of protection, or enjoy warm evenings with your family, giving them your attention and care. This is not possible! - you say. Maybe! It is enough to install modern mosquito nets on the windows, balcony and interior doors, on the entrance doors (if you are the owner of a country house) and the problem will be solved, you will be away from unpleasant insects for the entire summer period.
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  • Model range of Elysium window sills. Features and Benefits.
    13 June 2014
    When choosing window sills, the customer faces a difficult choice, since the products are presented from “economy” to “elite” class at reasonable prices. Window sills "Elysium Plast" differ from other manufacturers: they are extremely durable, can withstand exposure to ultraviolet radiation without fading, do not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odors, do not blow away or peel off. The production of window sills takes place on the latest equipment using primary raw materials, which are produced in the USA and Europe; the basis is high-quality PVC sheet using auxiliary parts.
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  • Wood fiber substrate
    09 June 2014
    Any underlay should be durable, help retain heat in the room, muffle the sound of people walking and prolong the life of your floor covering. The “Quiet Move” wood-fiber substrate is recognized as the best among analogues; the cost of such a substrate is not significant compared to the additional functions that you will receive by purchasing it. By making the right choice right away, you save time and money.
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  • Chinese stucco Classic Home - our new product
    02 June 2014
    The Classic Decor company does not stand still and has developed a new range of floor skirting boards. Previously, a wide selection of skirting boards could be found in the Belgian company Orac Decor in the Orac Axxent collection. Decorative products are made from duropolymer and have a standard length of -2000 mm. Classic Decor presents a new product - four polyurethane skirting boards with a length of 2400 mm; visually decorative, these products are similar to the Belgian collection (SX105, SX155, SX137, SX104), but more refined and refined. The white profile with simple and restrained lines looks harmonious in any interior; if necessary, it can be painted in the same color as the wall and looks monolithic and exclusive.
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  • Orac Decor RED DOT
    26 May 2014
    ORAC DECOR never ceases to amaze with its design tandems with famous designers, which result in exclusive new products. Collaboration with Ulf Moritz showed that creative experiments can bring a product in which you can see a combination of modern classics merging with such a sophisticated and discreet style as modern. Modern and popular designer Pierre Daems, collaborating with the Belgian company ORAC DECOR, demonstrated all the beauty of the Art Deco style, which was popular in the 1930s and which is now gaining new momentum.
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  • Inexpensive roller blinds
    21 May 2014
    When you make a purchase in our store, you receive high-quality and inexpensive curtains from the Turkish company "Oasis" with a set of fasteners, which makes the installation process much more convenient! Protect your premises not only from weather conditions, but also from prying eyes; it’s not so difficult to make your home cozier and more comfortable! And be sure to not forget that we have a full range of services from measurement to installation.
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  • Textured murals on the wall with your image
    16 May 2014
    The Ukrainian manufacturing company Frescos UA, although considered a young company in the market of finishing decorative materials, has already reached certain heights in its activities and has received approval among buyers. The Fresco UA company has proven that it deserves the trust of customers, as it has a high-quality, competitive product that has received quality certificates confirming this fact! And accordingly, in terms of prices, this company offers a very interesting price, unlike other manufacturers, the price differs from 20 to 40%, and the quality is not particularly different.
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  • Volumetric 3-D panels
    05 May 2014
    Volumetric 3D panels have become simply a generator of new ideas for designers and architects; they are used not only for finishing walls, but also for decorating ceilings, furniture, doors, staircases, recreation areas and TV sets. The ease of installation allows you to place three-dimensional Wall Art panels either at the same distance or at random, which adds a certain sophistication and individuality to any style and room. The panels do not require special surface preparation and are capable of soundproofing and insulating a room.
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  • YES! We are open on May holidays
    30 April 2014
    Dear visitors to our website, we congratulate you on Labor Day and all the May holidays, and we would like to inform you of our operating hours on weekends.
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  • Turkish blinds Oasis - unique simplicity
    28 April 2014
    In our online store you can purchase blinds from the Turkish company "Oasis" at the best prices! The blinds are easy to install; the price includes a set of necessary fasteners, which is so convenient! If there is a need for advice on installing this product, our managers will be happy to provide instructions and give the necessary recommendations!
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  • Happy Easter!
    16 April 2014
    With all our hearts, our online store congratulates you on this wonderful spring holiday - Happy Easter!
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  • Wood fiber backing for laminate flooring
    11 April 2014
    The underlay should be durable like the outer floor panels, replaceable if necessary, not change thickness under mechanical stress, and give warmth and comfort to you and your loved ones. The cost of a wood-fiber substrate is not significant, but the function it performs is worth spending money on. By choosing a wood-fiber substrate you will make the right choice!
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  • Stucco decoration LIH HAUR
    01 April 2014
    Like all polyurethane stucco, the Chinese LIH HAUR collection is resistant to mechanical damage and microorganisms, moisture, does not fade or age (remains in its original form over time). It is not subject to deformation due to temperature changes, has high strength, does not break or crack, and is easy to transport and install.
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  • Adhesive for polyurethane
    25 March 2014
    The assortment of our online store includes Belgian adhesives of the famous brands ORAC and NMC. Glues act as assistants in the installation of decorative elements made of polystyrene, duropolymer and polyurethane and are a modern alternative to nails and screws. It's no secret that low-quality consumables can ruin all the painstaking work. We are not so much as to pay twice! Once you choose a good and high-quality product, all the unpleasant moments with the stucco decor peeling off or falling off can be avoided!
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  • Art Baguette - decorative baguettes for paintings
    20 March 2014
    Elements of the Art Baguette collection act as individual details in the interior or as integral compositions, it all depends on the chosen architectural style. For connoisseurs of true luxury and beauty, Art Baguette will open the curtain to the world of inexhaustible design solutions, giving the opportunity to appreciate decent quality at an affordable price!
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  • Roller blinds Day-Night
    17 March 2014
    Our online store offers the best prices and the opportunity to create an individual and exclusive size! We work only in the territory of Kyiv and the region, and only through our measurer, who ideally measures your windows correctly to avoid alterations. The measurer comes to you with fabric samples. which gives you a real opportunity to see how the interior will turn out with our roller blinds.
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  • Decorative plaster Silk Plaster
    12 March 2014
    Decorative finishing plaster Silk Plaster in its consistency acts like liquid wallpaper, and is applied like decorative plaster, which allows it to be used with ease on any surface and create both a relief and silk texture. Relief plaster will help create unique three-dimensional patterns that will always look advantageous and interesting in design. Silk decorative plaster, depending on the application technique, will reflect the play of light and create a unique velvet effect.
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  • Classic Decor or Classic Decor
    03 March 2014
    The Classic home collection has long been popular among designers and architects; they appreciate all the advantages of this collection and are happy to use it in their projects. Once you see the luxurious stucco molding made of polyurethane, you will not want any other finishing material.
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  • Fabric blinds or roller blinds
    18 February 2014
    Today, modern technologies make it possible to achieve dispersion, absorption and reflection of sunlight in fabric production. Roller blinds boast a rich palette of colors, and we also have a variety of textile fabrics, both plain and patterned; in addition, you can use openwork decor around the edge or add fringe. This design provides you with the opportunity to create your own exclusive design, and for window openings with non-standard sizes, our company can offer production of non-standard sizes at an affordable price!
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  • Photo bed
    14 February 2014
    If you are used to surrounding yourself with original things, then 3D bedding is what you need! In our online store you can select any image from the catalog, or offer your own sketch of good quality. The photo bed can be ordered as a set or individually; it has standard dimensions: bedspread - 220*155 cm, pillow 40*40 cm. The pattern on the canvas can be either one-sided or double-sided. Production time will take 3-5 days.
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  • A few words about Marcin Dekor curtain rods
    10 February 2014
    Forged curtain rods by Marcin Dekor with pipe diameters of 19 mm and 25 mm are considered strong and durable. If we consider the functionality of cornices in general, then their main function is to serve as a support for hanging textiles. Curtain rods can have different tube shapes: smooth, twisted, embossed. To give the cornice a complete look, finials are used; they can be of various shapes and suitable for different styles.
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  • Designer mirrors of any design
    06 February 2014
    It is difficult to imagine our life without mirrors; we encounter them every day and believe that their purpose is only to reflect. Nevertheless, today mirrors perform not only a practical function, but also a decorative one. Decorative mirrors can add elegance to any interior, correct architectural flaws, play up the chosen style, add volume to the room, or make it brighter.
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  • Flexible elements made of polyurethane
    25 January 2014
    We would like to present you with high-quality flexible cornices and moldings made of polyurethane; the assortment includes not only smooth profiles, but also with ornaments, which will highlight the sophistication and uniqueness of any interior. We present various sizes of flexible cornices and moldings made of polyurethane; they can be viewed in stucco catalogs from European to Russian manufacturers, which we provide in Ukraine as primary sources.
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  • Recommendations for the use of Alber window sills
    21 January 2014
    In order to complete the design of the window opening, it is necessary to install a window sill. And the Internet, hardware stores, and construction organizations who want to recommend one or another manufacturer come to your aid. At the moment, the construction market is ready to offer not only plastic, but also marble, artificial stone or wood. All you have to do is study the characteristics, cost, take your measurements, decide on the material, color and most importantly, of course, the quality of the chosen product.
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  • Quiet running substrate: key features and advantages
    18 January 2014
    The best underlays for laminate and parquet boards, which are presented in our store, are always in demand among modern renovations! And the Quiet Move substrate is especially popular! The "Quiet Move" substrate was developed taking into account the requirements and features of the use of locking systems. Using the “Quiet Run” substrate, you will not only be able to cope with minor defects and small irregularities without the need for a cement screed, the drying of which requires additional time and slows down the progress of finishing work. It is allowed to use the “Quiet Run” substrate in rooms where it is planned to install “warm floor” heating. It has thicknesses of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,7.4mm, 10mm, 12mm, which allows you to choose the right option for your room.
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  • Europlast polyurethane stucco molding: advantages, performance qualities
    16 January 2014
    Europlast brand products have been produced since 1994 and are a leader in the production of polyurethane foam and plastics. At the beginning of its activities, the company was engaged in the production of elastic block and molded polyurethane foams. At the same time, he is developing the direction of rigid molded products - architectural decor.
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  • 3D panels in the interior
    13 January 2014
    Are you looking for an unusual design solution to decorate your premises? Then Wall Art 3D wall panels are just what you were looking for! Looking through design magazines, we ask the question how and where can I purchase this decor? Exquisite finishing material has become available not only to Western decorators, but to almost all consumers. Thanks to the variety of relief shapes, you can create different styles from modern to classic.
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  • New Crystalit window sill
    09 January 2014
    NEW on the market of the best window sills - plastic Crystalite! The company Kristallit LLC presents on the Russian market of PVC products - the window sill board "CRYSTALIT", which meets international and Russian quality standards and is properly certified. The latest production technologies and innovations have allowed us to achieve high results.
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  • Anti-slip pads for steps
    23 December 2013
    With the arrival of winter, we are faced with icy surfaces, which leads to unpleasant consequences such as bruises and injuries. Most often, accidents occur on stairs with a sliding surface. In order for you to cope with these troubles, we would like to recommend anti-slip pads, thresholds, tapes that are designed to enter the room and make it safe. They can be used both outside and inside. It can be installed either at the corner of the step or along the entire length. They can be used on any smooth surface such as: ceramic tiles, wood, granite, concrete, glass, laminate, linoleum, metal. A wide range of anti-slip surfaces will allow you to choose the desired size and shade, which will allow you to decorate the steps and protect your room! You ask: "How do they work?"
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  • New product from the store: photo curtains with your design
    16 December 2013
    Modern technologies allow you to apply any photograph or design to fabric. Therefore, we want you to pay attention to the fact that we will make any photo on the curtains from a picture that you find on any site on the Internet! Photo printing is applied using the latest technologies of direct and sublimation printing on fabric. After repeated washings, the image of photo curtains does not change, which allows them to be used not only as curtains, but also as curtains in the bathroom. The production time for decorative curtains will be 3-5 days from the date of payment. 3D photo curtains will be a highlight when creating a themed room. Curtains in the living room can create a panoramic view of the Cote d'Azur, the city, and the sunset. Curtains in the kitchen fill the room with freshness and comfort. Curtains in the nursery will fill the room with fairy-tale characters and create a good mood and friendly atmosphere for your child. When purchasing photo wallpaper in our online store, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality product that will delight you for many years! We value our reputation, so we guarantee quality.
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  • Stucco decoration manufacturers
    06 December 2013
    The variety of polyurethane stucco on the construction market will allow you to create unique and luxurious design projects. Among our products you can find both domestic and foreign brands that have all the necessary quality certificates, which will satisfy the needs of very demanding customers. Our company is an official dealer of such manufacturers as: Art Baguette, Decomaster, NMC, Orac Decor, Harmony, Classic Home, Gaudi Decor, Europlast, which allows our customers to be confident in the quality of the products offered.
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  • Ceiling plinth for suspended ceilings
    05 December 2013
    Which skirting board to install when you have suspended ceilings to which you can’t stick anything, it’s all quite simple! The method of their installation is that they are attached only to the wall, while the upper part seems to remain “hovering” in the air. Fastening methods are selected individually; often they use not only mounting and joining glue, but also auxiliary elements such as dowels, screws, nails, etc. It is possible to further paint them in any desired color or create an original ornament of a combination of colors. Modern ceiling skirting boards enrich the appearance of a room, draw attention to the ceiling and help create a cohesive look for a living space. Crafted with precision in detail they are an elegant decorative and architectural touch to any room.
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  • Liquid and cotton wallpaper
    04 December 2013
    We present the highest quality cotton and liquid wallpapers, which are very easy to work with, and which you won’t be ashamed of after installation. We also want to note that we are official dealers of this product, so we can offer constant availability and a relatively low price compared to other online stores that sell any decor that complements liquid wallpaper. And the final advice before buying cotton wallpaper, be sure to look at the color in reality. since the monitor settings may be different, and accordingly the shade may not match!
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  • Polyurethane stucco molding Gaudi Decor -40%
    19 November 2013
    Good news for all customers: until the end of this year we have a special promotion: discounts of up to 40% on the top models of stucco decor from the Malaysian brand Gaudi Decor! Hurry up to make your home unsurpassed and unique.
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  • How quickly are photo curtains made?
    05 November 2013
    Last week we went on sale with photo curtains. This is exactly the decorative element that will add maximum individuality to your home: in addition to the ready-made three thousand images (and the database of images is constantly updated) that are presented in our catalog, you can order curtains with your photograph, collage or illustration.
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  • Global update of Orac Decor products
    20 October 2013
    This week our catalog of polyurethane products has undergone dramatic changes: we have completely updated the Orac range! Now there are the most current items from the Luxxus, Axxent and Basixx collections.
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  • New: cotton wallpaper
    01 October 2013
    Not long ago we started selling liquid wallpaper produced in Russia under the Silk Plaster brand, and have already received a lot of positive feedback from customers. Let us remind you that liquid wallpaper is a new type of durable decorative plaster, which, thanks to its basic composition plus impurities, creates a lot of different original decorative effects. They are better than conventional wallpaper, both in aesthetic terms and in terms of service life and ease of use. And just the other day we got cotton-based liquid wallpaper made in Poland - Poldecor! At the moment, the catalog contains 229 items of various colors, shades and textures of this company.
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  • Rear wall panels Wallart
    18 September 2013
    Exclusive environmentally friendly 3D Wallart panels have already become a worthy material for decorating walls and individual zones in the interior. These panels will very well create the uniqueness of different types of design, for example in a restaurant, cinema, living room and other residential premises. The material used in production is the most environmentally friendly, as Wallart panels are made from pressed sugar cane.
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  • Happy Constitution Day!
    26 June 2013
    Friday - from 10.00 to 15.00 Saturday - from 10.00 to 15.00 Sunday is a day off From the first day - as usual.
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  • Penoboard - excellent price for insulation
    18 June 2013
    Today, the issue of energy saving is relevant not only in Ukraine, but practically throughout the world. It is probably obvious to everyone that a properly selected heat insulator allows you to save a significant amount of money on heaters. If you initially correctly calculate the amount of insulation before finishing the house, then the room will always be warm and cozy.
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  • Stages of making interior frescoes
    25 May 2013
    Interior frescoes are a new word in interior design. Due to the abundance of textures, frescoes are characterized by an imitation of an ancient wall. The number of images that you can choose from in the electronic catalog is more than ten thousand, ranging from colorful, bright and colorful frescoes for a nursery to simple, stylish ones for a sophisticated modern interior. In fact, frescoes can be considered a universal decorative element due to the many areas of their application.
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  • Store opening hours for May holidays
    30 April 2013
    Dear friends! The team of the Decorshop online store congratulates you on the upcoming May holidays: International Workers' Day and Easter. We sincerely wish you a good rest during these days.
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  • Portals for electric fireplaces
    09 April 2013
    In ancient times, the main obvious function of fireplaces was to heat the entire room. The decorative role was usually relegated to the background.
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  • New color for Danke window sill
    14 March 2013
    The Danke company has introduced a new product to the window sill market, a completely new color which, according to the designers, will be the most popular among the entire collection of decors. So far, only samples have appeared at our stand, but delivery is expected by the end of this month, and it is planned to be available in absolutely all width ranges. Watch our new products and stay up to date with all modern technologies and color solutions.
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  • Polyurethane vs Wooden beams: who will win?
    04 February 2013
    While visiting various cafes or restaurants, you may have noticed beautiful wooden beams on the ceilings. In ancient times, they played more of an engineering and architectural role than a decorative one as they do now. They are an ideal purchase if you want to give your space a period rustic or gothic feel or feel.
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  • 3D Wallart panels - a new original word in wall decor
    23 January 2013
    Dear customers, we have delivered a new collection of 3D panels Valart. Now the latest models are all in stock, and most importantly, without any increase in price. This product is completely environmentally friendly in its industry among its competitors. These panels create an imitation of a 3D effect in a room thanks to a variety of textures and design solutions. Choose suitable wall decor from our catalogue.
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  • The peculiarity of Verzalit window sills is a well-deserved price
    13 December 2012
    Werzalit has a very interesting history. In September 1956, factory owner Jacob Friedrich Wertz patented his unique wood processing technology. Its main essence is that thinly cut and crushed wood is pressed with special duroplastic resins under high temperature and pressure. Even to this day, Werzalit is a leader in innovation, creating or improving technology year after year.
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  • Window casing
    06 December 2012
    Window trim is a decorative element that is used to frame window openings and closes the technological gap between the window block and the wall or is used for decorative interior decoration. Thus, plastic window casings combine practical and aesthetic functions.
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  • How to choose stucco
    05 December 2012
    When you select stucco molding yourself, you can save up to 30% from the retail price, or the price offered by the designer. We work as a warehouse, so we give prices directly from the manufacturer, and do not deal with small volumes like one or two pieces. Check it out in our store.
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  • Stickers on the steps
    03 December 2012
    It's time to protect the steps from slipping; it's already become slippery and uncomfortably wet. We offer a very useful thing for making it easier to walk on tiles, especially on steps. Step pads can be in the form of an aluminum profile with a rubber insert, in the form of an abrasive self-adhesive tape, or in the form of a rubber mat covering the entire step. We have everything except rugs.
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  • Skirting board with backlight
    28 October 2012
    A backlit baseboard will give your apartment a new design. Both on the ceiling and on the floor you can make lighting built into the baseboard. This option is now common in many design solutions. Now we also offer the option of using lighting in baseboards.
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  • Overlays for steps
    16 October 2012
    When entering any room, pay attention to the pads that have a rubber insert. This is called an anti-slip step pad, which will prevent you from slipping and falling especially on tile and marble steps. Try it yourself and you will see that anti-slip steps incorporate all the qualities that every owner dreams of, namely: a high level of protection against falls, reliability, durability, efficiency, and ease of use. And of course a great view.
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  • 25% discount on all plastic curtain rods
    22 September 2012
    Ceiling cornices are the perfect combination of style and practicality. Today, ceiling cornices are very relevant and continue to gain popularity. Among other things, ceiling cornices can be an excellent design solution to the problem of low ceilings or high windows. Such curtain rods allow you to curtain the window as tightly as possible, since they are attached directly to the ceiling, and thanks to the arched tips, they allow you to bring the curtain to the wall. Choosing a plastic cornice is not particularly difficult, you just need to decide on the length of the cornice, the color of the tape, and place an order for delivery or pickup.
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  • Fireplace surround
    19 September 2012
    Modern renovation, or rather the interior, is not complete without a cozy corner with a fireplace. As a rule, electric fireplaces are installed; they will highlight beauty and comfort. But the downside is that the frame for it is not included in the kit, and without it it’s just like a painting without a frame. Therefore, we offer to buy a polyurethane fireplace, or so-called frame, from our warehouse, and not overpay to intermediaries. Decor without a fireplace is no longer modern.
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  • Product with installation
    04 September 2012
    Have you decided to make not only a purchase, but a purchase with full support? You turned to professionals. We will help you buy cornices, moldings, stucco moldings, window sills, plinths, moldings and a lot of interesting interior decor. Our company is not only representatives of many brands in Ukraine, but also professional installation and selection of decor for home and apartment. All products are sold with delivery, installation, and warranty. Contact us and rest assured about the quality of the product and the quality of installation.
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  • Flexible connection profile
    28 August 2012
    A flexible joining profile is an ideal solution when combining different types of flooring. Parquet, laminate, linoleum, carpet and porcelain tiles can now be combined, making a smooth transition from one material to another. Thanks to the variety of colors, the profile is also a decorative element. The flexible threshold is sold in multiples of 3 and 6 meters. The profile is supplied separately. You can see all the details by color and installation in our floor decor section, thresholds category. Choose the color that suits you best and place an order)).
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  • We are open on 24.08 and 25.08
    23 August 2012
    Happy Independence Day to you, our dear clients and visitors. On holidays we work in reduced hours, namely 08/24/12 and 08/25/12 work schedule from 10 to 15-00. We are waiting for your orders and visits.
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  • Which is better: Danke or Verzalit window sills?
    17 August 2012
    Which window sill to install, or which premium window sill to buy? This question is asked by every consumer who has decided to make high-quality repairs and installs excellent, good windows. We can suggest the answer, but do not think that this is just an advertisement for a certain product. Based on pricing policy, of course, the more expensive the better, but sometimes this is not correct. If you choose the material you want to replace the famous plastic window sill, then there are many options. The price of the window sill is different, the quality may not be different, so choose early.
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  • Europlast -30%
    26 July 2012
    An excellent offer from our company for Europlast stucco decor. Promotion on all cornices, moldings, niches, panels, columns, pilasters, in general on everything produced by this manufacturer. The discount is certainly not small, so in order to get it, you need a rather large volume. But in any case, the discount will be such that you will not be able to refuse our offer. The most important thing is to choose the right one, check availability in the warehouse, a discount for your volume, and of course, buy and be satisfied.
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  • WORK SCHEDULE on weekends
    28 June 2012
    Our store opening hours are reduced. We work from 9-30 to 15-00. Closed Sunday! It is advisable to coordinate your visit in advance! Contact us even when everyone is on vacation!
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  • Metal cornice with a gift
    18 June 2012
    Promotion for metal curtain rods of any diameter, any color, for each component item. In connection with the new arrival of goods, namely cornices, we are holding a promotion to distribute gifts for ordered cornices. When purchasing a metal cornice for more than 500 UAH. You are guaranteed to receive a ceiling cornice for curtains 1.5m long as a gift, when purchasing an order for more than 500 UAH, we give a cornice 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m as a gift. Tempting? Hurry up to become a happy participant in the promotion! The end of the promotion is the end of summer until 08/30/12.
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  • Discount on Europlast 25%
    11 June 2012
    Constant discounts on stucco decor, now it’s Europlast’s turn! The Russian brand of stucco decoration has become at least another 25% more accessible. For buyers who know what they already need, those who have decided on a model, we are guaranteed to give them a discount. The discount does not apply to those customers who speak impudently, or have not decided on the choice of model, but simply ask about the selection. If you want to save money, please, we only give you the opportunity, or hire designers, or choose and decide on your interior yourself.
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  • Stucco molding Gaudi Decor: a few facts about the company
    27 May 2012
    Our store has a new offer for decorative stucco moldings made of polyurethane from the Gaudi Decor brand. First of all, the pricing policy has dropped to the very minimum, secondly, the arrival of the next container from Malaysia makes it possible to choose any position, and thirdly, prompt delivery to the site makes it possible to effortlessly embellish your recently completed renovation in any style. Buying stucco molding has become even more affordable; hurry to decorate a room with polyurethane stucco molding, as good stuff doesn’t last long.
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  • Current collections of stucco Orac Decor
    10 April 2012
    The coolest brand among polyurethane manufacturers is the Orac Decor dairy concern. And this is not in vain, because the quality of the stucco is truly the best. How does this quality manifest itself, you ask? So, first of all, the clarity of the width dimensions, secondly, the pattern printing is so clear and high-quality that there is nothing to worry about, and thirdly, constant maintenance of stock availability (which is quite important when adding). Of course, Orac also differs in price, the most expensive but the best, and good things don’t come cheap. So it’s up to you to choose, and let us advise)).
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  • We now have carpets
    10 September 2010
    We now have carpets made in Belgium and Turkey on sale.
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  • Which slope to make and how to save
    08 September 2010
    The window slope is the final, but very important element of the installation of plastic windows. Slopes should not only perform an aesthetic function, but also serve as a reliable barrier to cold and moisture. You can make slopes in one of three basic ways: 1. plastic slopes 2. plaster slopes 3. plasterboard slopes
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  • Gluing the ceiling plinth
    07 September 2010
    Ceiling plinth made of extruded polystyrene is used for interior decoration of residential and office premises; it goes well with wallpaper, painting, and adhesive ceiling tiles. The use of ceiling plinth qualitatively improves the image of the ceiling, gives it a finished look, and also allows you to hide various defects, such as gaps between the ceiling and the wall, and remove various irregularities.
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  • Secrets of the Carpet for those who are not in the know
    03 September 2010
    A carpet can be called a universal symbol of warmth and homeliness; it is also a symbol of luxury. The whole world, not only the East, but also the West, enjoy its warmth, beauty and original patterns. A handmade carpet is simply a treasure; it is an asset for which you would not mind paying any money. The carpet fashion will never go away. It has been around for many millennia; even the ancient khans and padishahs decorated the floors of their palaces and mansions with it. A carpet can bring something special and unique to a modern interior. Any interior, modern, high-tech or classic, is almost never complete without a carpet.
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  • External insulation of walls of private houses - is it necessary?
    01 September 2010
    External thermal insulation is carried out, as a rule, using thermal insulation materials in the form of slabs and mats with fairly high thermal characteristics. The technology for attaching external insulation slabs is based on the use of synthetic adhesives and pastes or polymer expansion anchors. Unlike insulation from the inside, external thermal insulation work allows you to insulate the junction of the wall and the ceiling, reducing the likelihood of the formation of “cold bridges”.
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  • Insulation of walls from the internal side
    31 August 2010
    Insulation of external walls from the premises has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this design scheme include the fact that the work can be carried out at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions and with any complexity of the architectural design of the facade. In addition, thermal insulation can only be performed in rooms whose microclimate must be maintained within the specified parameters. Rooms that are not heated do not need to be insulated if their thermal regime does not affect the microclimate of other rooms.
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  • Application of extruded polystyrene foam XPS
    31 August 2010
    To avoid significant heat loss from the very beginning of the facility’s operation, thermal insulation work is carried out during the construction process when constructing hollow walls. The optimal thermal insulation material for this is extruded polystyrene foam. It is little susceptible to deformation, has low heat, water and vapor permeability, does not age, does not rot and has an extremely long service life. All this is important, since with such a wall design, repair work is practically impossible. In the process of thermal insulation of cavity walls, thermal insulation boards made of extruded polystyrene foam are attached to the load-bearing wall with adhesive and dowels.
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  • The most modern insulation
    28 August 2010
    The plates have a smooth water-repellent surface. Dimensions of the material depending on the type and processing of rai: thickness - from 20 to 100 mm; length - 1000 mm, 1250 mm; width -500, 600 mm Styrodur is available with three types of ends: smooth, stepped and tongue-in-groove end.
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  • How to choose a cornice and not make a mistake
    26 August 2010
    A curtain rod is more than just a stick on which curtains hang. This is also an important interior detail. A poorly selected curtain rod can ruin even the most beautiful curtains and ruin all your efforts to create a harmonious image of your apartment. Therefore, the choice of cornice must be taken seriously.
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  • Advantages of PVC window sills, as well as their disadvantages
    26 August 2010
    Recently, the volume of sales of PVC window sills has increased, which are gradually displacing window sills made from natural materials from the market. Their price is an order of magnitude lower, and their quality is an order of magnitude higher than similar products made from wood and chipboard. If you started a renovation and decided to replace the window sills in your house or apartment, then you naturally faced the question of which window sills are better: “Wooden or plastic?”
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  • Is alignment with the threshold always true?
    25 August 2010
    In stores and markets you can most often find three types of decorative thresholds: straight, leveling and finishing. Beautiful design of joints, transitions and corners is the main indicator of the quality of finishing work. thresholds must be durable, easy to install and fireproof. A variety of thresholds help connect materials that differ in color and texture, and in addition, extend the life of floor coverings and greatly facilitate the cleaning process.
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  • Window decor: how, what and why?
    23 August 2010
    Based on the shape of the windows of modern houses, the following categories can be roughly distinguished: rectangular and arched, lancet, borrowed from Gothic architecture, and round, as well as paired and bay windows. Each of these windows can be designed differently, taking into account the specific shape, size and method of opening the window frames.
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  • Choosing cornices: basic rules
    22 August 2010
    All cornices can be divided into two large groups: profile (functional) and decorative. The first ones are made of aluminum profile (hence the name). Profile cornices can be bent in any way you like, giving them any configuration. Therefore, they come to the rescue in unusual situations. For example, if you need to design an arched window. Or the window frame is located close to the ceiling (less than 5 cm) and there is not enough space for a decorative cornice. Another emergency situation: very high windows. They are difficult to handle and opening and closing curtains is inconvenient. In this case, it is better to choose a profile cornice with a sliding mechanism.
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  • Store opening!
    21 August 2010
    Welcome to the Decor Shop online store!
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