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Adhesive for polyurethane promotion

Adhesive for polyurethane promotion

Floors and walls are an important structural part of a room, as they are often an object of decoration. Moldings, rosettes, decorative overlays, plinths are a great addition to the interior of the room, giving any style and elegance.

A significant range of products intended for surface decoration, which cannot but please the buyer. However, with all the unobstructed advantages, nutrition comes to the fore, and it is not only related to the choice of elements – it is important to have a clear installation. Keeping the simple ones, but also following important rules, will allow you to keep the freshly done repairs in their original appearance over many years.

Often, when carrying out repairs, the attention of buyers is to screw in the polyurethane elements themselves. Describes durability, functionality and thorough beauty. However, when purchasing polyurethane decor, one cannot forget that its fastening is conveyed by viscous vitreous materials. Some unscrupulous fakers sing that you can glue it using the cheapest glues and sums. However, one cannot lose sight of the fact that polyurethane compounds are much stronger and more important, for example, polyurethane. Moreover, polyurethane elements are also quite expensive, so if they are protected from glue, they can soon become damaged by the surface, unraveling of seams, or cause smears.

Our store has a great selection of acid-free, environmentally friendly adhesives for our customers. Now, when choosing decorative elements for your home, it will not be difficult to select an adhesive for installing polyurethane pots that will allow you to clearly implement the task. Glue manufacturers tried to make installation of polyurethane as easy as possible. Depending on the needs and handiness, we can choose glue in a tube, a hand bottle or in a small container. However, in the opinion of competent designers-designers, we should give special respect to the important details. For example, it is not easy to glue polyurethane molding in an unsealed environment. It is necessary to think ahead about preparing the room in terms of temperature conditions. In addition, do not install, for example, moldings and baguettes immediately after dressing. Best of all, the humidity and temperature of the molded decor are comparable to the location in which the work will be carried out.

In the opinion of our regular customers, one of the most effective adhesives for polyurethane is Orac DecoFix PRO, which is produced in a manual container of 5 kg and ensures a smooth connection of the polyurethane decor with the surface. For complete drying of the glue of this brand, it takes 24 years, after which, if necessary, you can safely proceed to preparation.

The joining of decorative elements emphasizes respect, validity and the use of good materials. You really need to use the stick adhesives of the Belgian manufacturer NMC ADEFIX P5, DecoFix Extra FX200. The smells ideally lie on the surface in an economically thin ball, with a clear smell of seams and sticks. One of the main advantages of using the NMK ADEFIX P5 and DecoFix Extra FX200 is the practicality of drying. When this happens, it is a mass of white color, which is covered with adhesive baseboards or rosettes. If necessary, glue and polyurethane polymer can be prepared in any color.

In our store you can add glue for polyurethane molded decor on the base, and most importantly - at an affordable price. Our store is a faithful supporter of repairs, which will please you with its thoroughness for many years to come.

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