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Modern news in the section Gypsum 3D panels

Modern news in the section Gypsum 3D panels

Do you know that gypsum 3D panels have become all the rage in modern interior design, not only in private buildings, but also in the design of stores and lobbies? So we remind you that more and more designers are using 3D panels in their projects. Such innovative technologies have recently begun to be used in design, and today they have become a symbol of fashion. You can turn your attention to the design of columns, walls, areas for repairs in shopping centers, and use 3D panels with plaster there. A popular feature is the panels have a hviolian appearance; they are often placed on the columns, adding extravagance to the decor and calming the interior. Apart from the popular Khvils, there are other models that vary in different styles, starting with classics and ending with modern modernity. All the models that are presented on our decor website are guaranteed not to cause problems with prompt modification and quick installation.

new 3D panels

How can you choose 3D plaster panels to decorate your space? It’s even simpler here) You can get acquainted with the assortment of our online store, so you can personally buy all the models in our exhibition hall, or call a designer for selection from catalogs. The main thing in the selection is the harmony of the panels with the color of the interior, so that it is easy to simply prepare 3D panels in any color. So we just want to mean that new items for 2018 have appeared on our showcase, which are already starting to be delivered to the warehouse, and will soon appear in the proposals of leading designers of Ukraine.

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