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New Crystalit window sill

New Crystalit window sill

NEW on the market for roof linings - plastic Crystalite! The company TOV "Kristalit" represents on the Russian market of PVC tiles - the sub-window board "CRYSTALIT", which meets international and Russian standards of soundness and is duly certified. New technologies in production and innovation have allowed us to achieve high results. Not Varto A wide range of decors with matte, glossy textures and stylized wooden textures, as well as 18 types of finishes suitable for small cottages and apartments. The "CRYSTALIT" sub-window removes part of the wall from the penetration of wood floors and serves decorative purposes - organizing a clear transition from the interior space to the window, and the Elisgo laminate (Nimecchina) in appears in the structure of the window covering based on a vikorist paper of seepage with transparent acrylic, which in The subdivision of advancing authorities gives its character: - simplicity of sight; - high wear resistance; - thermal resistance; - moisture resistance; - high value; - do not remove formaldehyde; - does not bloom in the sun; - resistant to everyday chemicals; - do not take revenge on lead; - UV resistant.

"CRYSTALIT" is easy to process and install, adapts to the size - from 150 to 600 mm at the end and 6000 mm at the end, for attaching the end cap to give the window a complete look. The products of this brand can be used by all categories of people, and the terms of use are acceptable, and it will cost 50 rubles. The living room and design of the windows are acquiring a new function. A wide window provides a visually enhanced space that can be used as a bookcase, a place for storing speeches, a shelf in the kitchen, or a seating area. If you decide to install wooden windows , do not forget that they need to be prepared, they are susceptible to decay and deform over time, and are also susceptible to the development of microorganisms and rot. Plastic windows cannot see toxic substances and are even resistant to mechanical splashes. The "CRYSTALIT" windows with a glossy surface are direct competitors to "Danka". Selecting the "CRYSTALIT" sub-window Not only will you harmoniously design your interior, but also appreciate the brightness! Since we are official representatives in the Kiev region, the price is guaranteed for all types of branded companies until the end of the agreement, we check!

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