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Standard market prices for Isoplaat underlayment

Standard market prices for Isoplaat underlayment

It is important that the laminate must be placed on a perfectly level prepared surface, as it would seem, it would be necessary to do so many times. Let us explain that when there is a small difference in the height of the panels, the laminate seems to hang over the voids, and when they step on them, people are angry. And most often, the separation at the seams after laying does not prevent oneself from scratching for too long - the joints will be spoiled, thereby destroying the integrity of the laid fabric on the laminate. Most often, the lack of laminate that is placed on an unprepared stand makes itself known in the near future. Initially, the ruler of life may experience a funny knock in the air, but then it may result in irritation, and not only of the household, but also of the neighbors below.

It is widely believed that the original lining can be modified with the “virtual status” function, but this statement is not entirely true. The primary purposes of the lining are sound and thermal insulation.

However, today our store is pleased to present an innovative design - Isoplat lining , which can be used for flooring both old and new articles. This material is 5 to 25 mm thick, so it can be used to perfectly seal the surface of a black substrate - be it a wooden or concrete screed, immediately ensuring first-class sound and thermal insulation.

In order to avoid disturbing your neighbors and family members with loud noise, it is recommended to place a lining under the laminate for a warm underlay. This accomplishes the most important task - insulation, smoothing out excess differences in the base, it functions as a kind of shock absorber between the base and the coating, and what is important is to smooth out the main part of the noise from impacts.

isoplat substrate

The manufacturing region for Isoplat lining is Poland and the Baltic States. The heat and sound insulation board materials Isoplat are damaged. Virib demonstrates excellent results, both when updating old coatings and installing new ones. Before speaking, this lining is most often used when working with “floating” flooring – parquet board and laminate.

Below you can see the advantages of using the Isoplat lining:

- the vibration has a significant mechanical value (visible pressure up to 20 t/m2);

- the porous structure allows it to be exposed to extreme heat - and soundproofing properties. Noise insulation up to 21 dB, thermal conductivity indicator becomes 0.045 W (m*K);

- made from environmentally friendly material (coniferous wood, without curing chemicals or glue);

- do not apply a single whirl of water until the Isoplat lining dries, and after drying, it retains its original shape.

When choosing a lining for the laminate, you no longer need to think about what is more important: excellent sound insulation or a perfect fit to the laminate. Isoplat lining is one of the most important problems of modernity. If you are victorious, you can achieve negative results, which will make your home even more quiet and warm. Our store offers Isoplat lining of wonderful quality at an ideal price.

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