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The most ideal Izoplaat underlay

The most ideal Izoplaat underlay

When we begin repairs, the hope that the new design will last a long time and lose its original appearance will burn with an eternal fire. For this dream to be realized, it is necessary to think not only about the materials that will be visible to the naked eye, but also about the bases. One of the most important aspects of repair is laying the foundation. In order for the laminate to serve for more than a decade, it is necessary to know a clear basis. A lining under the laminate is required to increase thermal insulation and minimize noise when walking on the laminate. Therefore, the best option would be the Izoplaat underlayment.

Izoplaat lining is carried out in Estonia and does not contain glue or chemicals in the warehouse. Absolutely all the lining under the Izoplaat brand laminate is made from wood. The natural lining dampens noise and increases thermal insulation. Before speaking, Izoplaat can be used not only for subtext, but also for walls. The Izoplaat lining is completely eco-friendly, which eliminates the risk of allergies and illness. Environmental friendliness is confirmed by a certified hygienic certificate. With the help of additional padding, you can not only reduce the noise when walking, but also improve the padding.

isoplat substrate

Advantages of lining under laminate from Izoplaat:

  • Eco-friendly and safe material, as the Izoplaat lining is 100% made from natural wood fibers and does not contain formaldehyde;
  • The importance of erasing sounds;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Excellent quality, Izoplaat lining can be of high importance;
  • Over time, it does not deform or sag;
  • There is a strong forgery, as it is at the root of kidnapping and inequity;
  • Easy to install;
  • Availability of yakity certificates.
  • “Liquid material”, because the lining absorbs moisture in itself, but it can also be given because the air in the area stays dry.

Izoplaat brand lining for laminate is produced in different brands, so you can choose the required option. Thickness can be 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm

Installation of the Izoplaat pad does not take a lot of time and does not involve much effort, but we still know how to properly install this pad so that your repair goes smoothly and without difficulty.

  • 1. The cost of installing the lining is due to the downtime in the same area where repairs are being carried out. This is necessary to ensure that the lining is as low in moisture as the placement itself. To do this, place it vertically, and install small bars under the slabs and between them, so that the linings can be placed on the slabs without membranes.
  • 2. The slabs are laid under the bed at 45 degrees. It is necessary to follow this so that the gaps between the slabs and the underlying material are not closed.
  • 3. Varto remove the small space between the lining plates. Approximately 1-2 mm. If you are worried that the lining will not stretch well, you can attach it to the base using a tie or staple.


In the Decorshop store you can buy Izoplaat lining at the best prices, as we give good discounts to our customers. If you are unsure about the choice of lining, you can safely contact our consultants for help in order to select the lining that suits you. Natural materials, quick and easy installation, soundproofing and thermal insulation – that’s all Izoplaat lining.

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