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Self-adhesive vinyl tiles per roll Sticker wall 0.6*3m*2mm (D) SW-00002028

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles per roll Sticker wall 0.6*3m*2mm (D) SW-00002028

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Self-adhesive vinyl tiles per roll Sticker wall 0.6*3m*2mm (D) SW-00002028 - is a decorative material for interior decoration, which, thanks to its adhesive base, is easy to install. It is available in various designs that imitate natural materials and is suitable for a variety of interior solutions.

Material: PVC.
Dimensions: 0.6*3m*2mm.
Coverage area: 1.8 sq. m (600 x 3000 mm).

Texture: smooth, with imitation of natural materials. The surface is glossy or slightly matte.

The tile consists of the following layers:

1. Polymer layer: protects against abrasions and mechanical damage, provides durability and UV protection, preventing fading and preserving color.
2. Decorative layer: film with high-quality color printing, imitating the texture of natural materials.
3. PVC base layer: foamed polyvinyl chloride, resistant to chemicals, elastic and impact resistant due to its amorphous structure and the addition of stabilizers and softeners.
4. Foil layer: reflects heat waves, improving the thermal insulation of the room.
5. Adhesive layer: non-toxic base with strong adhesion.
6. Protective film: protects the adhesive layer from drying out and contamination, and can be easily removed during installation.

Temperature conditions:

When exposed to high temperatures, the material may become deformed. In the kitchen area, tiles should be installed at a distance of 30-50 cm from fire sources.


Interior finishing: wall cladding in various types of residential premises (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, children's or bedrooms, hallways) and commercial facilities (offices, reception areas, shops, beauty salons or fitness centers, public places, workshops), and also furniture, doors and other smooth surfaces.

Features and advantages of the material:

- Easy installation: self-adhesive, without glue, joint to joint, cut with scissors, does not diverge, does not deform, minimal trim (1%).
- Practicality: moisture-resistant, steam-resistant, mold-resistant, suitable for kitchen and bathroom, durable, wear-resistant.
- Aesthetics: large selection of designs, imitation of natural materials, selection for any style, combined by color.
- Care: easy cleaning, does not require special equipment.
- Additionally: sound and heat insulation, environmental friendliness.

Calculation of the required amount of material:

To calculate the required amount of material, first measure the length and height of the surface you are going to cover. Then multiply the length by the height for each surface in meters to get the area. For example, if the length of the wall is 4.35 meters and the height is 2.8 meters, then the area will be 12.18 square meters (4.35 * 2.8 = 12.18).
After this, select the number of rolls needed to cover this area. Divide the resulting area by the area of one roll (600 * 3000 = 1.8), rounding the result up. For example, dividing 12.18 by 1.8 gives 6.76, which rounds to 7 rolls.

Please note that during the installation process, waste may occur due to cutting of rolls, so it is recommended to add at least 1 spare roll to the calculation.


Self-adhesive vinyl tiles in a roll can be glued to various surfaces, such as old linoleum, tiles, parquet, laminate, glass, paint, primed concrete with small irregularities and small potholes, without the need for special surface preparation. However, if the surface is whitewashed, it must be cleaned first.

Before installation, the room must be dry, and the air temperature must be from +15 to +20 degrees. Make sure the surface on which you will install the tiles is clean, dry and level. Remove all traces of dust, dirt or oil and, if necessary, level it with primer, allowing it to dry for at least 4 hours. The tile and surface must be at room temperature to ensure good adhesion of the adhesive base.

Carefully begin peeling off the protective film from the back of the roll to expose the adhesive surface. The gluing should begin from one corner, gently pressing the tile against the surface, making sure that it is installed evenly and without the formation of bubbles or wrinkles. If necessary, the tiles can be trimmed with a utility knife or scissors, especially along the edges and corners of the surface.

To ensure good adhesion between the tile and the base, press it firmly against the surface with your hand or a rubber roller.
Brand Sticker wall
Name Self-adhesive tiles
Width 60
Material PVC
Type Self-adhesive base
Thickness 0.2
Length 300
Color Beige
Stylization Tree
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